DREDGE - Eldritch Fishing RPG! (2023)

Heh! Goes to show how much I paid attention to the UI while boating around. :P

Just in case anyone else is curious about the Switch performance, I’ve been playing there and can’t complain about the full release’s performance. I’m not great at quicktime button presses and it’s allowing me to be pretty sloppy without ringing the buzzer.

I have not tried the demo, so I’m not certain if the performance (or just the button input allowance) was noticeably improved or not.

I hit the end last night and while I really enjoyed my time overall, at the end of it I found myself wishing there had been a bit more there there. At the very least, something more to spend my money on, which I was positively swimming in (no pun intended) in the later hours.

Maybe it’ll get some DLC.

I finished last night as well (both endings). Late game equipment should be more expensive, but it was loads of fun and can see myself playing again in the future as there’s still some fish that I haven’t caught

would love random worlds with less story but some exploration. enjoying the mechanics and chillness quite a bit. give me exploration roguelike mode

Well put, I’m midway through and I’m a little underwhelmed with how familiar it’s become. I wanted to keep discovering things and getting into story arcs, but it has gotten a little repetitive.

Not enough that it isn’t enjoyable, I just wanted it to keep thrilling me. I liked meeting the dog. I’m the kind of loser who will never leave a good boy ashore, so I’ve just been sailing around with him ever since.

I’m in the same boat. The opening hours led me to expect maybe a bit more surprises in terms of quest developments than the rest of the game provided. But I enjoyed the mechanics and exploring the little toy world thoroughly and was happy for it to be over after 15 hours.

If it had been more expansive, or a roguelite, I don’t know that it would have been as enjoyable. I enjoyed Sunless Sea and Sunless Skies, but I didn’t think they were made better by their (default, at least) roguelite structure. This felt better than those games, moment-to-moment, but lacked some of their more interesting storylines.

Haha, I was so terrified that the dog could be lost by hull damage that I made sure to drop him at the first character that would take him.


I finished it in 9 hours. I didn’t comb over the map, so I’m missing a few sidequests, but I think I got most of the story down.

I really enjoyed it, way to go New Zealand!

I will also add that one ending is vastly more interesting than the other. Maybe even to a point where I’m not sure why the other one is there? I don’t think there’s any question what Lovecraft would’ve picked.

Yes I just saw a news article today that the developers were Kiwis. Not too shabby it seems.

Update roadmap.

Gotta say it’s a bit on the ‘meh’ side for someone like me who went early in, beat it and pretty much completed everything. Map markers or a photo mode is something I very much would have appreciated when playing the game, but it’s not something that’ll get me to revisit it again until new story/quest has content arrived. Same for the boat paint option.

yeah. I enjoyed what I played and want them to continue to build games, but more content for this isn’t going to get me back into it.

I’ve been playing for nearly 20 hours and am closing in on the platinum. I fully get the points about it being a bit…simplistic(?) but for me that’s been the whole point of the game. I’ve been playing it like a sort of walking simulator or Stardew Valley.

It’s very chilled, I’m never really in much danger and I get to just dip in and out and enjoy the ambience. I’ve really, really enjoyed my time with the game, even though I’m slightly dreading the grind to catch all the fish now.

Oh man, it looks like someone un-Cthulified Dredge.

That’s actually sorta disturbing to me. What are they really up to?


I completed all the achievements for this game and never found a use for the photo equipment I found nor did I ever get the last ability on the wheel. I thought I would have gotten it when I turned in the last relic, but I didn’t.

Did anyone get those two things or are they just not in the game yet.

I guess I’m pretty late to this one, but I figured I’d pick it up over the weekend. Pretty fun! I’m a bit taken a aback by how low stakes the game is, for dabbling into eldritch, Lovecraftian horror. Not that I mind, necessarily, but so far (and I’m still fairly early game) it’s pretty easy to just go out, get some fish, some materials, upgrade, repeat. Not to say there’s no danger, I’ve been caught out a little later than I probably should have been, and got rammed by some invisible entity - but I was able to get away without much difficulty, just some damage and lost cargo. But I can dig the casual aspect, will definitely keep going with this one.

It started strongly but now I’m just getting impatient with the trips back and forth to sell, fix, upgrade and turn quests in. The moment I realised there was another robed guy in another biome I just went ‘oh no’.

The left stick/right stick inventory thing is really awkward and I don’t like the way you can roll up to a dock and talk to someone about a certain item they need but then you can’t give it to them because it’s in your storage (which is often on the dock anyway).

Yeah, this bothered me too but I found you can fix it by effectively turning on tank controls so ‘up’ just means ‘go forwards’ which makes sailing in one direction while looking behind you a lot easier. I turned off camera snap too.

I wish the game had been a bit more coy about its fish, about the map, where things are and what upgrades await. Splaying it all out before me dampened any real sense of discovery and turned it more into a series of ‘oh it’s time to go there/unlock this/catch that’ checklist which isn’t nearly as interesting to me. I also wonder whether the ‘panic’ system and warnings of night time and the fog diminished the horror element unnecessarily. I rarely got caught out in it, so most of the spooky stuff was very short-lived and tame. Seeing a huge blue whale underneath my boat and a humpback breaching the water was really cool though.

Anyway, I think I’m done with the game because I just can’t stomach any more of the to-ing and fro-ing. Onwards to something else!

I finished this up over the weekend myself. I have to kind of laugh at my posts about their being no threats - that didn’t last too long, though of course all the threats were pretty manageable. Except this one time, I was out on the open sea and a giant shark/whale/monster just swallowed my boat whole without warning. Don’t know how I would have avoided that. Anyway, I did enjoy it overall but I’m glad it was a pretty short experience. Lasted about as long as my attention span did.