Driftmoon - Idie RPG

Just saw this on RPS

There Is a demo available on site http://www.instantkingdom.com/driftmoon/

game is also available on GMG and the demo also has a discount code for it.

I am picking this up tonight when I get in from work and give it a go.

Seems it also comes with an inbuilt editor and is very modifiable from the off.

This one has been in the pipe for ages. Looking forward to seeing how it fares.

It sounds really awesome - I’m so grabbing this in a few days when I have some spare time! Oh, the RPS article has some nice comments in the comments section where one of the two developers answers questions about the game.

Picked it up, put two hours in so far.

It is seriously good. Huge Ultima 7 vibe, and the writing is extremely well done and funny.

Jumping back in…

Ok, put another two hours in.

So, this game is like if you took Ultima 7’s engine, modernized it three years into an early 3DFX game, and made it into a really charming light RPG. The writing and characters are more along the lines of an adventure game, but the core of the game is an RPG. There isn’t a sprawling overworld like U7, there are discreet areas to explore that you fast travel to on an overland map that unlock as the game goes on. There seems to be a fairly involved crafting system as well.

It’s hard to pin it to a game that has been done before, but it is really well done. Definitely recommended. Especially at it’s price.

Also, the developer seems to be a cool guy, given the thread he’s responding to on RPS.

I played about an hour and agree with what flyinj said. The writing and theme almost feels like a mid-90s adventure game, something similar to The Legend of Kyrandia.

I am not a big fan of silly fantasy in general, but the game is easy to play, well written, and polished.

I’d agree with all the above. I played an hour or so and enjoyed it however I am halfway through episode 3 of the Walking Dead as well as enjoying Dead Space 3 so it will have to wait a bit.

My thoughts as well. While I prefer darker, more…serious(?) CRPG’s, Driftmoon is too pleasant an experience to ignore. Highly accessible, UI is great, easy to get around and “get stuff done”, lots of neat touches, etc… It’s telling how much the devs really cared for this game while making it (7 years to do so). My biggest gripe so far is the combat which isn’t incredibly robust or interesting. Having said that, I’m not too far along and there does appear to be more exciting skills yet to be unlocked.

Just saw this on Desura, then ran into this thread. This is sounding awesome. Sounds like it has the weight of Martian Dreams (Worlds of Ultima), which is my kind of RPG.

Just finished the demo. Loved it, buying it.

I wish Spiderweb Games would change to this engine. I’d buy all their games immediately!

It looks utterly charming. Is there by chance a manual available? About how long is the game?

Seems intriguing. Has anyone tried this on a netbook or similarly low-power machine?

I wonder why.
It’s not that I’d hold an indie RPG accountable for this, but Driftmoon has the blocky look that made early 3D games age so ungraciously. It looks like a mod for the original Dungeon Siege, only with worse models and textures and an even lower polycount.
Well done 2D > substandard 3D, at least in my book.

I want to repeat that I don’t want to criticize Driftmoon’s graphics here, I’m merely saying I don’t find them to be fundamentally superior to Spiderweb’s 2D engine.


I suppose you might have a point if Spiderweb games were well done 2D.

Heh, that part is a bit subjective, I guess. Anyway, I even play Dwarf Fortress (sometimes even in ASCII) every couple of years, so who am I to judge?


Fracking Boogeyman scared the pants off me! But he’s not such a bad guy once you get to know him…

Edit: There’s an editor built into the game as well. Not sure how robust it is but here’s a look at some mods from the community so far: http://www.instantkingdom.com/mods/

Yeah, I dunno. Just personal preference I guess. I can’t get past how ugly those games are, and I’ve tried. And it’s not like 2d sprites can’t be made to look good from an artist with talent, but Spiderweb’s just aren’t.

Yes, that was awesome and unexpected. Suddenly I could see little footprints coming up behind me and then boo! It’s Pennywise!

I ended up somehow fighting and killing him though. He drops the boots that he’s wearing, so everywhere you go after that with those boots on, you leave glowing footprints behind you. Nice touch.

Review here by RPS

This is currently down to $12 at greenmangaming, btw.