Drink in the Soma-fueled nightmare


Frictional Games’s latest project is being teased. The newly launched “Soma Systems” site leads to a progress bar (currently at 18%) and some futuristic error messages. According to the “Vivarium” case file on the web page, some researchers have found an ominously primitive item during a salvage mission. The accompanying video (seen above) seems like it could’ve come straight from the depths of the SCP Foundation, which would imply that Frictional is sticking with horror.

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That's pretty cool. I don't understand it, but I imagine they just wanted to set a mood and for me at least, it worked. I love creepy sci-fi, much more than Victorian (or whatever) stuff like they've done previously so I'll definitely keep an eye on this.


She should have just rebooted it.


Soma is also a prescription muscle relaxer.




Well that Soma Systems link is to some e-cigarette vaping shop now!


Now that’s scary.


This response is not at all suspicious!


The suspense is palpable! Bot or not? Let’s see!


Fembot or … femputer?