Drive cloning/imaging software that supports USB?

Anyone know of drive cloning/imaging software (like Norton Ghost, etc.) that supports cloning (NOT just backing up/imaging) to a USB drive? I want to upgrade my laptop to a new HDD but I’m loathe to rip apart a desktop system to do it.

I’m pretty sure both the latest version of Ghost and Acronis True Image support this through USB. They also support you burning the image to CDRom and restoring that way. Although with the size of drives these days, it’s probably not practical.


Neither of them list cloning via USB on their Web pages, but they do list “USB support” which could be something as trivial as copying images to a USB backup device. I ran into one product, EZ Clone or something like that, but you can’t just buy the software you have to buy their “upgrade kit” which includes a USB enclosure, cables, etc.

They also support you burning the image to CDRom and restoring that way. Although with the size of drives these days, it’s probably not practical.

Yeah, that’s like backing up my old 65MB RLL drive onto 720K floppies. Actually, that’s almost exactly the same (65MB / 720K ~ 60GB/650MB).

I have Norton Ghost 2003. When I select “clone a disk or partition” it does allow me to select a mounted USB storage drive as either the source or destination.

Disk 4 in this image is a USB drive (actually my iRiver MP3 player, but its a standard usb-storage device).

Awesome mono, thanks! I’ve got Norton Ghost 2002 and I guess I’m going to spring for the upgrade to 9 for this. Now if only those Momentus 7200.1 drives were actually in stock anywhere…

Acronis supports this as well - I just reviwed it and cloned my entire home c: partition to a newly build machine at work using a 80GB homemade external USB drive.
I prefer Acronis Trueimage to Ghost myself - it’s just so clean and easy to use.

Cool, good to know. Upgrade of Ghost is cheaper than buying Acronis new, so I’ll probably go with what I know.

Ugh, the stupid acronis fucks want $700 for a copy of their software that’ll run on Windows 2003. Great, more than I paid for the dinky little box. Whores.

For non-automated image cloning, this may do the trick:

The freeware version should do a simple drive clone. It’s a bit limited compared to commercial products as it can’t be scheduled or performed over a network, but if the clone target drive is physically installed in the system, or attached via USB, it’ll work.

Acronis is what they use at work and a guy did a 20GB machine in less than 20 minutes today. It was sick.


Went to Fry’s today and thought I had scored with the rebate action. They had Ghost 9.0 for $69 - $40 - $20 = $9. I got home and looked at the rebate receipts and there was no fucking rebate info for the $40 one! The receipt they printed out for it was just a rebate receipt, but there was no rebate SLIP. Just the $20 one in the box. Goddamn that irritated me.

To make up for it, I walked out with a 200GB Seagate 8MB 7200 RPM HDD for $49 after rebates =)

Man oh man, Acronis is as advertised. I’ve got remote agent on everything, nightly diffs to my mega backup drive, and a failsafe backup of the backup server on another machine. Hopefully I’ll never do an involuntary re-install again, short of the apartment complex burning down.