Driveclub clubs

Okay, so Driveclulb is out soon, and I heartily endorse it. A couple of things you should know:

  • It’s not a caRPG. You don’t collect and level up and customize your cars. It is, instead, a selection of challenges with preset conditions, with challenges nested inside those challenges, dynamically generated. You cannot cheese your way through these challenges with difficulty settings or AI settings or rewinds. You must learn certain cars and tracks, all with tons of personality. If you want a caRPG, I still recommend Midnight Club: Los Angeles. But if you want a game that gives you a variety of goals and encourages you to drive well and gives you some awesome locations in which to do it, I recommend Driveclub.

  • PS4 only.

  • The clubs are weird. There are only six people per club. But the clubs are also very interactive in that you level them up and compete with other clubs. They can give each other challenges. They give you a fame (i.e. xp) bonus. You’ll be able to do a lot of fun stuff from your friends list, but you’ll also want to do some stuff at the club level.

So, if you’re getting the game and you want to be in a club – trust me, you want to be in a club – post here:
a) your PSN name
b) if it’s important that you’re in a club with someone specific
c) whether you plan to play a lot, a moderate amount, or not much over the next few weeks

I’ll arrange folks into clubs of six in case there are enough of us for multiple clubs. You guys can, of course, create your own clubs, but this thread is to help arrange us all into full clubs that will advance more quickly (a club’s advancement points are drawn from each individual member’s advancement points).



ipoma - 1-2 hours a day, mostly in the afternoon Eastern time.

A) RadleyBradley
B) Just put me wherever.
C) Somewhere between moderate and a lot.

A) WhollySchmidt
B) no preference
C) Moderate, I think. Probably not really long play sessions, but most weeknights somewhere in the ballpark of 9 to 11 EST.

A) Rock8man
B) Doesn’t matter
C) Low to Moderate, as time allows. And I’ll have access to the PS+ version only for a while, if that’s relevant.

Question that there may not be an answer to just yet, does anyone know if the free ps+ version/demo will allow you to join a club?

If so:

gately912, moderate evenings/nights EST.

Don’t own a PS4. Don’t really play driving games. You don’t want me in your club. But I’m really unnecessarily excited to see a game put tight restrictions on social structures in the game for, presumably, good social gameplay reasons. I worked on so many multiplayer games where the overriding principle was–and was just assumed to be–it’s always best to let people do whatever they want to do. But relationships require a context, and “arbitrary” restrictions can shape relationships in fruitful ways. More games should try new things on the social front and experiment with tight limitations like only 6 players. Curious if this turns out to be an enjoyable thing or a frustration for you Driveclubbers.

Perhaps we could organize a couple races to promote membership. A Driveclub club membership drive drive.

Excellent question. I don’t know the answer, but given the content limits on the PS Plus version, what you can do within the context of club challenges would be pretty limited.


Okey doke, I want to give her a spin before I commit, so I guess pencil me in, and I’ll update this thread if I upgrade to the full version.

Great idea considering the club limit!

A) Diego-Gallina
B) no preference
C) low to mid availability depending on weekday vs weekends

Thanks! Diego