Gonna have to look into the new assist free handling. I like Driveclub a lot and the cars have terrific weight, but they do behave a bit oddly at times, maybe this will help that. Had no idea they had patched this in.

I feel bad for Driveclub since it really is a terrific racer, but the rocky launch just killed them.

EDIT: Just ran a couple races with the new handling, and what a difference! It’s very akin to a game like NFS:Shift now in that it really bridges into driving sim. Sure the model is less sophisticated than something like Gran Turismo, but the cars really handle very predictably as a car should.

The highest praise I can give to it is that I almost immediately switched to an in-car camera, since the game made more “sense” from that perspective now. Previously I had been playing from a rear bumper, a camera reserved for waggly arcade racing. If my old Logitech wheel actually worked with the PS4 I suspect I would be digging it out of the closet as we speak.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is “race-sim” curious at this point.


It’s $20 to upgrade with the Season pass and they’ve added so much content that it’s a total steal at that price. I’m really looking forward to the new city track.


To be clear, is that $15 to get the full game (the only option I see in the PS+ version) and then once you have that, an additional $20 to get the season pass?


I believe the 20 is the full game and the season pass.


2 years of PS+ membership and I had my first multiplayer experience on PS4. Thanks merryprankster! Sorry for not having the “headset” that came with the PS4 handy. I tried it when I first bought it, and it’s this little annoying earplug thing, and I’m not sure where I put it.

One thing that will take a lot of getting used to are those PS4 triggers. I’ve done so much racing with the 360 and XB1 controllers over the last two years, it’s going to take me some time to learn the sensitivity on these things and how much pressure I should use. There’s less travel on these triggers compared to Xbox controllers, so the same amount acceleration/brakes is compressed into a smaller distance from 0 to 100, and it will take me a while to learn to gauge that.

But I did buy the full game and season pass. I figure my PS+ membership is about to expire next week, and I like the new hardcore handling enough that this will be a good game to play around with on PS4 while I gaze enviously at the next few month’s free games for your guys.


Driveclub is on my list of games I’m considering getting for Christmas. If I have Forza Horizon 3 (which I played a lot) and The Crew (played a couple dozen hours) - is there much of a reason to consider Driveclub? I’m fairly sure I’d like it, but I think my pick would be better spent on a non-driving game since I’ve got good driving games on PC. I also have Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally, along with many older driving / racing games.


The Crew and Forza Horizon are driving games. CaRPGs, really. Driveclub is a racing game, and a very good one. The more relevant comparison in terms of whether it would appeal to you are the Dirt games you mentioned.

The real Driveclub evangelist around here is @merryprankster, who will presumably be along shortly with more specifics. :)



Driveclub has no open world whatsoever, so if that’s something that drove (heh) you to Forza and The Crew, you won’t find it in Driveclub.

It fills a niche, though. It’s just a series of challenges. Each challenge has predetermined cars. You need to learn those cars to beat the challenge. Some are easier than others, but some of the challenges can be fiendishly difficult. There’s no car customization, but each car handles uniquely and must be learned. I’m guessing the multiplayer is pretty thin these days.

I thought it was great, but I have to admit that I haven’t been compelled to return to it since its release.


I don’t mind losing the CaRPG aspects or the open world. I never really just drive for the heck of it in those games, it’s always to get to an event. I do think the mini USA aspect is cool in The Crew, but I’m mostly concerned with driving in races / challenges. I’m also fine with the cars being preset for the races. I don’t need to collect a hundred cars that I can change at will.


I really liked Driveclub and have come back to it a few times even years after it’s release but GT Sport has eclipsed it and is the premier racing game on the PS4 in my opinion. Driveclub probably has a more fleshed out single player “campaign” however I remember burning out on that about 50% of the way through. GTS does have a decent number of single player challenges and missions and even if you don’t like online racing GTS has really nailed that for the first time ever on console. It really is the best racing game on the PS4 and judging by the notifications I’m seeing from @merryprankster in game I’d bet he’d agree.


Yeah, I’d agree with @agapepilot on this one. Both Driveclub and GTS are about the driving itself (vs say open world or carPG) but I’d say GTS just does it better.

GTS also has terrific online race structure, something basically absent in Driveclub.

That said, I really like the physics model in Driveclub and I think the “hardcore” setting is probably one of the best arcadey sims I’ve played (eclipsing both NFS Shift and Forza Horizon in terms of physics).

If you are not interested in online and just want a fun single player racing game with solid physics I think a Driveclub is fine choice.


Does GTS have asynchronous challenges you can sent to friends? I really enjoyed that back in the Driveclub days.


No challenges no, just leaderboards on all the single player stuff.


Sounds like I’d like either Driveclub or GTS (or both!). I think I will relegate them to the wishlist for now but it’s good to know I’ve got some good options on the PS4 when I’m looking for some new racing. I’ll look forward to going for your leaderboard times :-)

I do remember seeing @merryprankster and @agapepilot quite a bit in other games.


Yeah, the asynchronous Driveclub challenges were fun.

Hope to see you out on the track @robc04!


Wanted to play it for a long time, having played over 100 hours of FH3 and Crew. Finally with PS4 Pro I got it and yeah, it is quite amazing. First impression were horrible but once I drove some ferrari in a rain I fell in love.
I really wish Evolution would be making open world Driveclub 2 for PC/Xbone/PS4 right now instead of Onrush.


I only tried the game on Hardcore, but you played with me merryprankster, and I was having a really tough time with the game. Were you playing with a wheel? I had a tough time with the physics model with a controller.


Nah, I was using controller for Driveclub. I only got a wheel a couple weeks ago to play GTS.


I saw that you saw me and my nephew taking turns playing DriveClub @merryprankster. Unfortunately, I don’t have PS+ anymore, so we can’t join you for multiplayer. It’s single player only I’m afraid. It’s not worth paying $40 a year to play DriveClub with you on Thanksgiving. :P


No worries. Just saying hey. :)

I think Driveclub is pretty good single player anyway.