Driving Game for Kid

My just-turned-four-year-old son wants to play a driving game. I don’t really like them, so I’m not very aware of what’s out there.

I’m looking for a game that will just let the little guy drive around interminably. I don’t mind if there’s more to it than that, but I need a mode where he can do that-- no time limits, no goals, preferably no car degradation, etc.

Any suggestions? I have an XBox and a PS2.

Smugglers Run 2 for the PS2 has a nice “joyride” mode where you can drive any of 6(?) vehicles across huge landscapes without any opposition. The game part is good too.

You can always get Gran Turismo 3 and set it to practice in arcade mode and he’ll just whip around for as long as he’d like. There’s no car damage either.

Not sure how much he’s been playing games…my four year old can navigate all menuing and play games of GT3 all on his own. He’s pretty good too. He gives old Dad a run for his money when he’s got a car that’s slightly better than mine.


Xbox has a new Midtown Madness coming out. The PC versions always had a cool little “drive around in traffic” mode. Cars would degrade, but they’d pop back into shape after a while.

This and a force-feedback joystick had my whole “I don’t like games” family in stitches.

I strongly recommend Grand Theft Auto III for the kiddies.

I strongly recommend Grand Theft Auto III for the kiddies.

Now, why doesn’t that surprise me?

Well, it certainly teaches them trade skills.

And other skills, such as evading the police and driving over ramps at high speeds.

And hitting people … don’t forget hitting people.

And a rather unique way of gaining health back…

It’s a PC title and probably hard to find, but my sons have had a lot of fun with a Hot Wheels Stunt Driver game. It’s really pretty fun. It’s old and pretty ugly, but you’re behind the wheel of an ‘actual size’ hot wheels car, driving on the Coolest Tracks Ever. They put the stuff they rig up for commercials to shame.

You do loops and flips and jumps, the tracks climb up walls and each is in a different location - kids room, backyard, living room, attic. All of which are regular size, so they look gigantic (watch out for the pets!) You get bonus points for extra flips and spins, but most of the time it’s pretty hard to crash and just about impossible to leave the track. With a good enough time, you can unlock new cars and new tracks. I think they’ve still got one of each to go. Both the 9 and 5 year old have been playing it pretty regularly since Christmas. They’ve run it under Windows ME and XP with no hassles at all.

ReVolt, a RC control racing game, was very fun even for adults. You race around backyards and grocery stores and such, and get power ups that shoot oil slicks or shooting tiny rockets.

Ah yes, shooting rockets at other cars – always a valuable lesson for the kiddies to learn.

Oh no, you don’t understand, these are cute rockets. The plastic kind that teach kids warfare can be fun.

Right, just like in GTA3 the RPG is really shooting rockets of love eh? :shock:

That depends on your imagination. You want imaginitive children, right?

Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed entertains my five year old well enough. Although the way she laughs every time she crashes into something is somewhat alarming. “Dad! Look! I got another sign!” No learner’s permit for YOU, young lady.