Driving - In which we perfect drivers complain about others.

Hey, those coupons from Kohl’s aren’t gonna spend themselves!

If I may digress from driving into another “yelling at clouds” rant for just a moment, when did we all become such social beings that being out of contact with our fellow man for the length of a trip to the market, a commute to work, a freakin’ movie, etc. is an unfathomable concept?

For some Seattle driving fun, here’s the Union Street exit off I-5 downtown:

And this is what happens when drivers ignore the signs and remain at freeway speed:

I mean specifically in rush hour type traffic, not when it’s free flowing. There’s certainly a point of diminishing returns, but you wouldn’t want a 2 lane highway through downtown during commute hours.

That’s true, but it’s so weird to think about. For instance, we had a single 6 lane bridge for I-65 crossing the Ohio, which wasn’t a toll bridge, and it was incredibly busy and jammed. So we built another six laner right beside it to have northbound on one bridge and southbound on the other. So far so good, but in building that bridge they implemented tolls to pay for it, 2 bucks a crossing, which had the effect of cooling so much casual use of the bridge that the resulting traffic decrease would have obviated the need for the second bridge in the first place! A billion plus bridge could have been avoided with a couple million in toll implementation, which of course would have paid itself back immediately.

I could rant alot in this thread. I will say my views seem close to many of y’alls, especially Houngan’s

As I’ve shared before, I taught both my boys to drive and I’ve taught Street Survival (a class offered all over the US, and which I’d highly recommend for any young drivers). I’ve developed some wisdom in driving I’ve shared with many young drivers over the years.

Its all focused at what you as the driver can control, because you can’t control anything else
(this is my little serenity prayer if you will)

  1. Assume everyone around you is drunk, high, and distracted.
  2. Never drive drunk, high, or distracted.
  3. Driving is a game of real-time chess played at high speed. If you are only seeing and reacting to the move in front of you, you eventually will lose and wreck.
  4. Every time you drive, ensure you and the car are ready to go before setting forth.

That is the dumbest thing ever. They need to block off that exit permanently. I remember a freeway entrance in Norfolk where you had to go from a dead stop to freeway speed and merge in about 100 yards. It was a shitshow.

You learn pretty quickly here (one way or the other) to take posted speeds for off-ramps very seriously.

Seems like they need to post a big sign that says “SLOW THE FUCK DOWN NOW! FOR REALS!”

I mean, there’s near constant signage throughout the off-ramp…

“Sir, why did you drive directly into the wall?”

“I was reading the sign!”

To @eliandi’s points, I’ll add one that I realize will never be implemented: Everyone should have to drive a motorcycle for at least a total of 2000 miles at some point in their lives.

Nothing else had nearly the impact of a few years on a bike where a tiny mistake or lack of awareness of other idiots could cause maiming. I still can’t drive past parked cars without looking under them for feet, another practice I think everyone should do, especially for tiny feet that like to pop out into the street with a child attached.

Being hit by a car while cycling checked that box for me.

They should line the left wall of that exit with the bumper stuff they use in bowling alleys for kids.

any Backers-In in here? Stop it right the fuck now. You clog up the lanes in the parking lot while you

  1. swing your vehicle one way, only to then back it up in the other freakin’ direction
  2. you do it slowly

Knock it off.

So say we all.

I agree. It seems they take more time backing in than I do backing out.

A few years ago, I made it a point to ask my co-workers why they took the time to back in between two cars when it was just easier to back into a larger aisle or lot on the way out. See, Redneck Appalachia loves to back in, and not just the obnoxiously large pickups, either. Some people cited safety, that it was easier to see pulling out instead of backing out. Some just gave BS answers, “It helps me leave work faster!” And one person gave an answer that actually made sense in a rural area. This person was taught to back in to make it easier to access the hood in case their POS car needed a jump.

But still, knock it off.

I back in almost always. The reality is that those who are slow backing in would also be slow if they parked in your configuration as they would slowly back out and then wiggle back and forth a few times before they get the car straight. People who drive poorly just drive poorly.

yeah, but you can stop and restart time so that nobody notices. I’m talking about the NON-timemasters out there.

These are the same people who can’t parallel park.

Fuck yeah. Backers-in need to be publicly mocked.