Driving: L.A. to Seattle

I am driving home from my vacation in California. L.A. was as far south as we got.

My genorous brother in law gave me an 87 BMW 325 coupe, which looks and runs pretty good despite being almost 20 years old. This means my wife and I get to drive two cars home.

We stopped last night in Los Osos (close to San Luis Obisbo). My mother in law’s husband let me borrow his walkie talkies. I can’t decide which is more fun: driving the BMW or annoying my wife with radio calls.

Something about having to press the button to talk makes me feel like a kid playing police officer. It’s hard not to end every discussion with 10-4. Since my brother is a cop, I happen to know that the 10 code for a bathroom break is a 10-100. If I get really loopy, I start with the flight sim calls: Fox 2, Fox 2 again. Winchester.

We’re at a Best Western tonight. Pool, hot tub, and wireless Internet: can’t beat that. We’re in Fairfield tonight. I hope to make it to Oregon by tomorrow night and home on Sunday.

Anyone done any long or interesting driving trips lately. It’s not too bad, but I notice I tend to adopt a live for today approach on long road trips: I am eating way too much junk food, eating way too much at meals, and not even worrying about the lack of exercise. I guess you only go on vacation for a few weeks each year, but I’m never this bad when we fly to our destination. There is something about a road trip that brings out the beast in me.

We stopped last night in Los Osos (close to San Luis Obisbo).

holy shit! Hi Dude!
I live in los osos :)

Next time I am down, I will invite you over to Two Dogs (I think that’s the name–the coffee shop with the free wireless) for a Qt3-together. Anyone else in the area?

I live like less then a block from there. :)

Some of our favorite vacations are long aimless driving trips, no map, no directions, just go. Some of these have reached over 2000 miles before they were done. I love driving trips.

To help pass the long boring parts (I don’t care where you drive, eventually you hit a boring spot), we play gin. Car buying is odd when you ask in front of the car salesperson - where will we put the deck?


Fairfield just north of the SF Bay Area? Shit, you must have passed me on the freeway :)