Driving with Mr. T

Hahahahah… make sure to watch the video

When you arrive at your destination you’re then treated to Mr. T’s Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool! video.

I have that video.


I make people watch it on occassion. It’s my own little torture.

Is there a way I can DL it? I can watch it on the site, but I want a copy of my very own!

Yeah me too! This is the perfect toture video out there and I’d like to get my grubby hands on it.

Just got it off a torrent and my goodness what a perfect tool for torturing friends this is.

Mr. T should reconsider making a new one for the 21st century.

Kid: Oh goodie I just finished downloading all of Eminem’s CD’s plus a German scat film. I’m going to close my bit torrent client now so I can play some lag free CounterStrike.

Mr. T: Now wait a second little brother. Bit-torrent is a mighty fine tool but when you don’t upload your fair share that makes you a fool and you don’t want to be a fool now do you? When this reads 100% that means you uploaded your fair share which makes you a somebody which means you can shut down your client and play CounterStirke.

Bit torrent, there is no other, like bit torrent so treat it right treat it right!