DRM is increasing piracy rather than decreasing piracy. (Gabe Newell)

This thread is only going to be fun until ILTPS goes back on his meds.

Well last time I participated in a piracy threat I swore this will be the last time I will do it at QT3 but this is here is so ridiculous that I will break my promises.

Quite a lot of people do this that have problems with Steam.
Personally I use(d) one account so far mainly because I only buy bargains or Valve games on Steam to minimize my damage should Steam go away one day.

However one recent thing will make me create a 2nd account and here is why:
Saint’s Row 2 PEGI version for the PC (PEGI = European English Version) will not activate with a GERMAN IP address. So far if you bought retail PEGI versions you could activate those uncut versions in Steam because Steam did it based on the CD-Key.
THQ of all did some experiement with Saint’s Row 2 though by limiting activation SOLELY based on IP. German users did address the European insititution for Fair Trade but they say it’s ok since THQ is not in a position to have a monpoly in any form. THQ is blaming German youth protection laws to be the cause BUT this law in no form forbids legally purchased games from outside of Germany to be played by 18 year or older Germans. What is not allowed is a public display or advertising for those games but no SWAT team will storm your house if you play it! Once I got it from wherever in what form I can play it until my eyes bleed.

So what to do as German? -> Use a VPN that connects us to a US Proxy which will give us a US IP.
Then activate the game and stop the VPN. Sounds like some dissidents in China trying to get access to a non-censored Google? Yes it does and yes it sucks and yes Germans won’t tolerate that at all if it happens more.
This method is working right now however there might be issues in the future because this most probably will not be covered by the Steam’s EULA and I won’t risk getting my main account banned because of one stupid game where the publisher decided to fuck with me.
So I will get a 2nd account only for Saint’s Row 2 and all the other games that might use this in the future.
Sad but true!

I could also download the fully cracked non-Steam version and this is what I will do if the activation is not working for whatever reason.

I don’t understand the keygen thing. What good would that do for a game that you download from Steam? They control the files, the payment process, everything. You can’t get to where you’re inputting a key until you have all that.

As long as there are retail releases outside of Steam, then sure, you’ll have the problem of keygen for those specific games. But I don’t understand what a keygen used on Steam itself would do for you?

Anyway, this guy’s probably a pirate and I’m not sure we should give him the time of day, let alone entertain him.

You gotta give props to this guy for making one of the most ridiculous piracy threads ever.

I looked at this guy’s post history when he first posted, and noticed he was 3 for 3 for posting shit that everyone’s already seen before. I chalked it up to being stupid.

I intelligently estimate

I’m sure you will, some day.

Who are you and how do you know about my religion?

It really doesn’t. And I say this as the undisputed most visible shouty ranty piracy-thread hogging guy here. I also say this:

You can believe DRM encourages piracy, be anti-DRM and massively anti-piracy at the same time. I know this, because I do it. Visit my site (www.positech.co.uk) and check out the NO DRM logo. I don’t use any DRM at all, because all it used to do was inconvenience my customers. It didn’t stop my games being cracked. Listening to what pirates had to say convinced me of the fact that DRM was a very noticeable reason some people pirated.

You can be ‘soft on DRM’ and very tough on piracy. I am definitely very anti-piracy, but I don’t think DRM is the solution. gabe is just admitting something that is true, whilst at the same time doing some cunning PR for steam. There is nothing sinister going on here.

Personally I think stardock’s approach is better, because it seems to be less invasive, although I haven’t bought a game from them since sins, and recently activated total war on steam, so maybe I’m skewed there.

So hardcore underground pirates gave their bank details to valve?
I see a flaw in this plan somewhere…
Besides how would you know this, unless you share a joint bank account with ‘real scene groups’. people talk a lot of crap about money on the interweb.

But…he knows as fact!

First the gamefaqs poll, then the IGN review charts and now this. Hell yeah, it has been a good week.

Will we next create false gods to rule over us? How proud we have become, and how blind.
-Sister Miriam Godwinson, “We Must Dissent”

So hardcore underground pirates gave their bank details to valve?

Not that I think they ARE being paid but Valve writing a check doesn’t require anything other than the recipients name.

I think I will go reinstall Alpha Centauri right now.

This thread can only end awesomely. Keep posting ILTPS!

True. but checks have to be paid into bank accounts. You cant open a bank account without an address. I thought this was where most hackers/blackmailers etc get caught?

Short of being paid by someone leaving a suitcase of cash in a busy location with no CCTV cameras and some way for the recipient to ensure they are not traceable / marked notes, I have no idea how ANYONE ever gets paid for anything dodgy these days.

says guy with slightly less intrusive DRM.

Oh man, I seriously cannot wait. Please use diagrams, if you are able.

Yeah, but they still have to cash it.

Hookers have a code word for second hand Steam accounts?

And here I’ve just been using them for the stuff my girlfriend won’t do*.

Watching Three Stooges tapes*.

**What did you think I meant?

I never uninstalled it and you sire are now my hero on these forums (fora?). I shall go play as the University (academic elitist with a pragmatic streak for the win).