DRM is increasing piracy rather than decreasing piracy. (Gabe Newell)

As always, co-op multiplayer is gonna cost you extra.

You sure you’re not a cop?

Chet left.

Valve or QT3?




You know what? I hereby decree that, whenever the Forum is referenced within itself as above, the minimum character rule will NOT be dodged as above. Instead, it will be dodged thusly…


And what happens to those of us that use the 24-hour system?

I think I prefer

1/4 2 3


Smart-asses, the lot of you.

What was this thread about again?


Making fun of newbie posters, I think. Seems you lot scared him off, though.

A job well done, then!

I look forward to the Kotaku breaking news article that Chet disappeared on a routine money delivery to pay off the hookers^Hhackers.

How do we know it’s not 14:45?

Because we’re not filthy socialists, that’s how!

Chet ran away, sadly. :(

I wouldn’t have used a comma.

Q2:45 doesn’t make any sense. Quarter to 2:45? Quarter to :45? Total failure. Q2345 works okay, though. Gabe Newell said so.

(BTW, someone needs to alert me when there are great threads I’m missing out on. I’m scared to click sometimes because I might end up in a racism thread or something.)

If you’re going to get all technical about it, you’ll never get the poetry behind my decision.

It should suffice that I say we’ll use Q2:45 for you to obey!

edit: Or I’ll spray you!

I’d like to request that you use the word, “please.”