Yep I believe that’s correct, it was the first to use email as a “GTD” tool. Now everybody’s doing it. (And I hate all of them, for various reasons.)


Why not to depend on tools from startups.


Mailbox is kind of a special case. Like I said above it acts as a “man in the middle”, downloading all your email and saving it on a server in their datacenter, performing manipulation for filtering and priority, then shipping it off to your phone. Thing is, it’s completely free to download and use. So it incurs significant costs but generates no revenue whatsoever. There are no ads, no in-app purchases, and they promised not to mine your email. And that’s why Dropbox is killing it.

Carousel was developed by Dropbox, from assets they acquired, so it’s not a startup product. It’s just a failed one, like Google Wave.


Dropbox isn’t really doing well lately though. They’ve reached a standstill in terms of subscriber growth. The incumbents like Google and Microsoft are throwing in gobs of space as a loss-leader into their other services.


Ugh, I love Dropbox, they best not be going anywhere!


Are you paying for Pro, Brian?


I am indeed, yes! Have been for years now.


I recently cancelled since I get the OneDrive space with my Office365 sub. Same for Evernote now that I can sync notes in OneNote.

Dropbox had early mover advantage with API integration into many iOS apps but I think they’re treading water nowadays at best.

They’re not picking up as many Dropbox for Business subscribers though I think.


Uh, I might also be thinking of Box.net/Box.




Great site design in that design site.

That was a great sentence I just wrote in that previous sentence I wrote.

Help I can’t stop writing like this help I can’t stop.


Lol, design teams gotta justify their existence somehow I guess





Why would someone do that to their website? I’m not sure i feel safe using dropbox anymore.


The tiny system tray icon, and the web interface seem the same! I guess I’ll be able to muddle through…


I’m not a Wharton grad business guru, but after you’ve spent 10 years building up your brand as Dropbox, isn’t it a waste to change your logo and decide that you’re not about boxes anymore?


They deal with cluttered inboxes, devices that ping them constantly, and processes that force them to switch between tools all day. Our modern way of working saps their energy and keeps them from the things that matter. We want to change this, by building products and a brand that help people focus on meaningful work, instead of busywork.

Resounding success.


I really hate that letter “a” in their new font.

Now if they would just get my photos syncing to my drop-box account without me having to manually get it started, I’d be happy. (it used to just work, now more often than not, I have to jump-start the process otherwise my photos just sit there on my phone)


Ugh I have the same problem and it’s dammed maddening


I can’t handle the color schemes at that design site. I literally had to stop reading and close it. Awful shit.