Dropmix -- Music manipulation with cards and an iPad


Thanks! The angle of the photo is washing them out a bit. The colors are not quite as vibrant as they are unsleeved, but the two layers of plastic didn’t mute them as much as I feared. And they’re wayyyyyyyy more sturdy.


My “lucky” country pack arrived today from Hasbro. Good thing because I needed more Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy in my life. 🤠

I need to look into Chiller which I think is a Best Buy exclusive. ‘Sometime in 2018’ is all I can find.


Yeah, Chiller is a big question mark at this point. There was a lot of stuff swirling around that it would be a February release, but that’s grown more muted as the days have gone on.

EDIT: A Harmonix employee said on Reddit yesterday that it will be out “later this year.”

Given the Dropmix representation at my local Best Buys, I wouldn’t be surprised if they might be stepping away from or de-prioritizing the exclusive release.


Can’t confirm, but there’s a report on Reddit that Gamestop has the base set on clearance for $35.


Good call! It took a little awkward discount-lawyering, but I was able to get a copy for that price.


Chiller can now be preordered



Harmonix had a pretty big booth at Pax East. And they did have some new promo cards.

I wish I got some extras to trade for a Transformer card!


“Amazon Exclusive”

A ha! I knew it. Best Buy has been way too lax in promoting Dropmix for it to still want an exclusive pack.

So. Jealous.


why is this “transformer” card coveted so?


Because it’s rare. Gotta catch 'em all!


Picked this up from Best Buy on $30 clearance. After messing with it a bit tonight it’s pretty cool, but I worry about the ability to find cards going forward since all the retailers seem to either be no longer carrying it, or out of business (even better when Toys R Us had an exclusive set).


They already announced a card season 2 on Twitter so I think it’ll be ok for another year at least.


Really? I’m surprised by this. I figured it was done after the initially announced sets (which I think are all out now) since every two weeks it’s 50% off again and has almost no retail presence.

I like it, I like Harmonix, good for them, I just figured this was another commercial failure and I’ve sort of deliberately avoided getting too invested in it since I thought it would be dead any day now.



Weird, I follow them, I must have just not paid attention. Cool though!


Oh! This is good news! I figured that the discount was a sign that they were retiring the product. But I guess manufacturing another set of cards is probably a lot cheaper than the initial hardware.


This is part of the Hasbro sale on Amazon. Going for $40.

Anyone who has this is it something the has longevity or does it get old quick?


We’ve had it for a year+ and have about 300 cards for it. My wife enjoys playing with Freestyle mode by herself and we enjoy playing it together as a family. Management of the cards can become a pain. I guess my biggest concern with it is whether they’ll just turn the whole thing off after some certain date and we’ll be left with a pile of junk.

The base game comes with a limited number of cards. If you get it, you’ll end up wanting more cards. They’re not that expensive, but you probably can expect to end up spending at least $100 (vs. just $40) by the time you’ve picked up more cards.


Freestyle is where it’s at. I don’t find the core game very interesting. That said, I like to drag it out and plan a cool DJ set with my limited skillz. I do wish there was an easier way to stream the sound and video to your TV.


Great, thanks. Still kinda on the fence but we’ll see if I pull the trigger before the sale ends.