Dropmix -- Music manipulation with cards and an iPad

Discover packs are a separate sets of cards that are sold in 5 packs and cost $5 each. There are I think now 4 “series” of discovery packs that have a total of 30 cards each. They come in packages that have no identification about what’s inside other than the series it belongs to and you can see part of the face of the card that’s on top of the stack. Seriously I spent 20 minute in Best Buy cross-referencing a Reddit post about which cards are in which packs with the Dropmix website to figure out what card art I was looking at. It’s the dumbest thing.

As @delirium said, they’re just different cards and a different packaging scheme, for some reason.

There’s no overlap between the six Series 1 Discover packs, six Series 2 Discover packs, and the six current Playlist packs. The 16 card Playlists packs are packaged so you can open it up and see about half of the cards displayed, the Discover packs are packaged so you can only see a glimpse of one card in the pack, but they’re all fixed sets of cards—nothing random.

If you pay attention to the one card showing in each Discover pack when you buy them, you can avoid duplicates. The only danger is if you buy a Discover pack online individually, since they’re not named the way playlist packs are, if you just ordered “Series 1 Discover Pack” you wouldn’t know which one they might send you. But you’ve already got those anyway, so you’re set there.

Beyond the way they’re sold, all the cards are still part of a “playlist”, which is still a sort of meaningless term as far as I can tell, but it refers to the icon in the bottom left. The Playlist packs you buy each contain cards 1-15 of a single playlist (plus the bonus card for the secret 8 card playlist, two of those haven’t been released yet since they’re in future Playlist packs). The Discover packs you buy contain cards for four other playlists, so once you have all the Series 1 and 2 Discover packs, you have another four complete 15 card playlists.

But none of the game modes seem to care about the makeup of your decks, so I think the vague implication is you should use playlists as a starting point for a good distribution of cards, but you can pretty much use whatever you want.

I think there are two new Playlist packs coming out in February—one of them will be a Best Buy exclusive—and Series 3 and 4 Discover packs coming soon too. I believe that’s all that’s been announced so far, but I’d have to dive back into the reddit to be sure.

you’re on point… I’ve been following the reddit lately.
Series 3 and 4 has been officially released on hasbro’s website. (and there is a 18% off promocode avail)
As well as some of those Playlist packs, last I checked (yesterday)
Not all the playlist packs are available there though. Some are still out of stock.

Lucky (country playlist) is set to be officially released on 2/1/18
Best Buy exclusive playlist (Chiller) is to be released sometime in 2018

I have to admit I have a lot of the cards thus far. I love the idea of how the music just blends so well together. And the tech is really neat.

I kind of wish there weren’t so many of the same songs spread across the packs. It’s not super exciting to open a pack and get the guitar track for a song that I already have the drums, bass, and vocals for. A dollar a card seems reasonable, but the value doesn’t seem so great when you realize it will cost you $4 to get all the tracks for just one song. Plus I have to buy them each bundled separately with songs I may not even like.

All right, I also bought a complete set of series 3 and 4 off eBay, apparently that’s available now.

Good call on the card sleeves, those work nicely too.

Fun little weekly competition forming on Reddit:

I took a stab at it -

Really enjoying the tech in this game. hoping they can add a new play modes in the future. specifically stepping up / creating a new head to head mode.

The Lucky Playlist (country music) is up on the Hasbro Toy Shop, with an availability date of 2/15. However, the same was true of Astro when I ordered it last week, and I’ve already received it. Discovery Complete Packs for Series 2-4 are also available. Series 1 packs have disappeared from the site and are becoming rare in the wild; scalpers are having a field day. I don’t know if Hasbro will reprint them, but I was excited and relieved to stumble into a full set of Series 1 packs in Toys R Us earlier this week (I took the single copy of each Series 1 pack that they had restocked).

If you’re ordering more than $49 worth of stuff from the Hasbro site, use the promo code GAMES2018 for 25% off. If you’re ordering less than $49, use the code CESDROPMIX for 20% off and free shipping.

I finally got around to playing Clash with my kids, and while the game mechanics won’t set the world on fire, it’s still a fun experience. They love looking at the card art, and dance parties break out every other turn. We haven’t tried the other modes yet—I’m still working on double sleeving the gorgeous but horribly thin and weak cards—but I have a feeling those will also be well received. I don’t think I’m going to be much into Freestyle myself, but I could see them really getting into it.

double sleeving huh? I don’t think I can bring myself to double up on the sleeves. It feels as if I would be protecting them from a catastrophic event, rather than just ware/tear from typical game play.

Playing with two seven year olds is a catastrophic event. :)

Finally got this set up and played (in freestyle, no game scoring) and it is fun to dink around with; you really feel like a mashup artist slicing and dicing parts of songs together.

I found you can register the cards in the app — if you sign in with Apple’s GameCenter — to track what you have. I assume it is the same on Android. Kind of a pain since you have to enter “add card mode” when viewing your collection in the app, but at least you can add them 5 at a time. Then you can browse exactly what cards you have versus what is available. (I am missing only Chiller which is the Best Buy exclusive card set coming out this year.)

It looks like four cards is a “complete” song, when those exist? Four tracks, just as in Rock Band: vocals, drums, guitar, bass. It can vary per song with keyboards and so on. I get that the whole point of the game is mashing up songs together so having a complete song is not really necessary, though it is interesting to note which songs Harmonix chose to be “complete” versus partial.

The rainbow cards are another exception, where the whole song is a single card that has a heavy influence on the rest of the board. Similarly interesting to note which songs made this cut.

Did you sleeve your cards? I’m pretty sure I could ID more than 5 at a time when adding to my collection.

Ohh you can double stack them in add mode? I did not know that!

Yes the card sleeves are essential in Dropmix since the cards are kinda flimsy and the play style involves sliding them in and out of the board slots a whole lot.

I also enjoyed playing a game where I got to update the firmware. That is a whole meta-game in and of itself.

Yeah, I do need to get sleeves eventually. But without sleeves I’m pretty sure I was stacking 7 or 8 per slot, so you should still be able to do better than double stacking even with sleeves.

Totally Sleeves the way to go!! I originally sleeved my first cards in penny sleeves from walmart, and then after being educated by the reddit/discord people I picked up some sleek, tight-fitting sleeves that are wonderful once you get the card in. Getting the card in though is a total pain in the ass.

I’m just awaiting for my Lucky to arrive, Chiller to be released. I haven’t bought a Transformer card off of ebay. It’s just too aggravating seeing a promocard to gamestops being sold by the same sellers. (ie. someone got their hands on a stack of 50-100 of them and is just reselling them at $30+ a pop)

Which sleeves, specifically, did you buy?

I got whatever was common on Amazon. They are a bit slippery though. I don’t know if they make matte sleeves, or at least sleeves where the back of the card (the part you don’t need to see through) is matte and therefore less slippery.

I am sure card nerds will be along shortly to edumacate us on this…

Depending on the side of the cards, and assuming they have a matching size, is highly recommend the fantasy flight games produced sleeves. They make them for the cards (they come in various sizes) in their boardgames. They are hard wearing and not too slippery.

these were the ones suggested on reddit/discord. They fit REALLY snug - so take a little effort getting them in but after they perfect!

I used the Perfects plus the black KMC Hyper Mats for my double sleeves. This is my first time sleeving, but it turned out nicer looking than I imagined, so I might be doing my other card games in the future.

I actually should have mentioned the 2 at the bottom of my pic were with penny sleeves from walmart. the other two were the perfect fit.

Those look really slick @JustinFletcher