Drowning in awesome

I already have Assassin’s Creed and Mario Galaxy.

GameFly just sent me Mass Effect and COD4.


You suck
And yet I’m envious

Only one of those is worth playing.


I realize I’m a n00b, but I’m guessing the “Games” board on this forum is mainly for looking jaded and cool by bashing popular games.

Am I anywhere close?

Clearly he’s referring to Help! The best Beatles movie.

Mass Effect is Bioware, so that’s out. COD4… ha. Mario Galaxy is surprisingly awful (was saving that until I got further in the game, but whatever). I haven’t actually played AC; it arrives tomorrow. But it sounds great.

Aw man… I’ve actually enjoyed a lot of your posts on this board but with that single comment I can never take seriously anything you ever write here again. Bummer.

Please tell me this was a joke.

I disagree with Bob on a lot of levels, but he might just have the unclouded vision that is necessary for actually playing this game.

My son likes it, and he’s pretty advanced for a 9-year-old. So, of course, are you, Mr. Whitta.

j/k :)

I don’t know if clouded vision is a problem for me or not, but Mario Galaxy is one of the best games I’ve played in years. And I just finished it today*

*technically complete, 60 bonus stars still to go.

You are smoking so much crack that your grandchildren will grow up addicts.

The funniest part of this is in the parentheses. It makes it sound like you carefully plan out and schedule your posts so as not to alarm anyone with the bombshell revelation that you’re so totally high.

Is that a genre “out” or company “out”?

Actually, it’s just a place to brag about playing the latest hot game for a little while before you brag about getting the next one.

damn you double post edit bullcrap

I wanted more evidence. But I just can’t stand to play it anymore.


for truth

what would be sweet is an xbox 360 to play these things on. If only I had exchanged money for this particular item at some point in the past…

oh wait…


So, in your opinion, the only one on that list worth playing is… the one you haven’t actually played. Just so we’re clear.