Drox Operative 2

Sequel to Soldak’s space shooty ARPG!


Why are you taking @BrianRubin’s thunder?

Hahahahah yay! So excited!

To borrow the relevant meme:

This is good news, i loved this game :)

Actually, why is he taking @Steven_Peeler’s thunder?

We just released a trailer for Drox Operative 2! You can watch it here.

I don’t know why no one else seems to be doing space-based ARPG’s, as Drox 1 shows it works incredibly well. Really looking forward to the sequel, the trailer looks great!

Hey Steven, with Memorial Day weekend coming up wanna unlock the release date door a little early for me? :)


I couldn’t really release early even if I wanted to right now. We’re still in the approval process. I’m just hoping they approve it soon so we can start Early Access next week.

Damn! Well, uh, if you need um… testers. You can totally like PM or whatever.

I’m just playing of course, I’m just all pre-ordered and rarin’ to go! Best of luck with the release and hope your pre-release weekend isn’t too crazy.


Yas!!! day 1.

Wow, that is awesome. Here’s hoping They approve soon!

So say we all.

Day 1 indeed.


Insert Seagull GiF here.