Drox Operative 2

In case you guys are interested, the discord peeps wrote a suggestion for replacing Command as it is in the game right now here. It links to a google doc since the forum was too limiting.

Oh, interesting. Thanks for the link!

EDIT: Big +1 on the suggestions made in the document.

Same. I support this fully. Command is unfun.

Also +1 to the suggest of higher rarities being better. Perhaps the highest two rarities should have distribution like the next highest tier?

Those are great suggestions. I’m not a huge fan of Command either, but I get why it’s there.

Version 0.804 is out: changes.

This patch makes many higher rarity components better, makes beam/missile/fighter weapons better, and fixes several other more minor issues.

Beams felt a little bit underwhelming so it’s good to see them buffed. Is this specific to straight damage beams only or does it also affect other weapons with the same mechanics like Power Virus and the like?

Just the normal beam weapons. I’ll try to update the virus ones next patch.

Steam forums wouldn’t let me post this, but I found a hilarious bug.

Swapping identical items (like power plants) would cause the core stat to improve each time you swapped it. I could do this infinitely.

Okay, with the faster movement, greater importance of avoiding attacks, and ramming, I find there’s way, way too many mines and other objects like that covering the play space. I’m playing a Drakk ship and relying on fighters and I swear all is re-summon them because there are just mines everywhere in most maps. Several of the mines will also float towards you and when a battle is getting hectic, it can be almost impossible to see. Especially when I’m trying to dodge projectiles and avoid ramming into other ships.

At the very least, give me a tool to clear them by shooting at them or something else.

EDIT: There are worse examples of this but this is pretty common for me. How am I supposed to maneuver/dodge/evade when everywhere I go looks like this? And the screen is filled with missles, lasers, explosions, and just a single mine will basically knock out all my fighters along with a chunk of my shields if I’m nearby.

Do you have a mine modifier on the system or sector? This doesn’t look like the normal rate of mines. Regardless, I agree.

I didn’t see a mine modifier, but maybe I didn’t look in the right place. I’d say about half my systems look like this and when combined with exploding anomalies it just makes it all a little unpleasant. It’s difficult and time consuming to move around and I’m perpetually resummoning fighters. One eveny ship blows up and half the screen blows up in a chain reaction, and if I try to move out of the way I run into the other mines.

More than once I’ve teleported into instant unavoidable death from mines.

Really? More than once? I’ve never ever had that happen.

BTW, what speed are you guys travelling at? I’m wondering because max speed was raised for Drox 2, and that may be a factor. I personally don’t like going above 200 – the game gets hard to control past that for me, and I’m not sure it should allow you to go that high all the time.

I’ve been blown up a couple times from wormholing into instant mine death. I think perhaps mines are just out of control on my PC for some reason. :) Could it be Minesweeper getting its revenge on me after all these years?

I’m still not terribly far in so maybe these things already exist, but I’d love to see more variety in the equipment which IMO is the heart of many ARPGs. For instance, there doesn’t seem to be much of any interaction with Fighters in the game? I can slot them as a weapon but that’s about it. I did see there was an item that would boost Beam weapon damage, I’m thinking stuff along those lines so that someone could create a Carrier style “class”.

  1. Improved launching bays that reduces the cooldown/cost of launching fighters.
  2. AI Command module that increases the max fighters of each module by +1.
  3. Nanite fabricator that would repair launched fighters over time.
  4. Munitions fabricators that would increase damage of fighters.
  5. Swarm shields that provide shields to fighters as well as the mothership (albeit at reduced capacity over a typical shield of the same tier).

That sort of thing. These modifiers could be tied to a specific type of equipment but also show up as random stats on other gear as well, similar to how you can find thrust or something on components other than engines/thrusters.

Definitely was above 200, don’t remember the exact amount.

Any idea why the game is telling me the weapon on the right is an upgrade over the one on the left?

The heavy laser has substantially less damage and both are heavy components. Is it because the EPS is lower? It does have a range bonus but the damage on the Plasma Beam is significantly better.

Likely because it has more buffs.

Version 0.805 is out: changes.

This patch adds weapon/component grouping, polishes UI a lot, balances a few things better, and fixes several other more minor issues.

How you feeling by the way, Steven?

Well the pain has gone away, so I’m feeling a lot better. :)