Drox Operative 2

How does one deal with mines? Just avoid them? They don’t seem to be able to be shot by normal lasers?

Apparently it was, it’s just new to ME because I rarely do pet classes so I don’t notice.

Yup, you can’t shoot 'em like you can EVERYTHING ELSE.

I have a crew member with a level 2 version of a skill (Fighter Training). I also have the level 2 version of the same skill. Do these bonuses combine?

After a long Early Access, we have finally released Drox Operative 2!

Drox Operative 2 can be purchased from Soldak, Steam, and GOG. It’s 10% off for the launch week, so get it now!

Yes, they should combine.

Sounds like its time to dive in to my third run of Drox 2!

Oh hello there. Steam tells me that this game Drox Operative 2 has just been released. I took a quick look and it seems like the kind of game @BrianRubin might be interested in. It’s gone a bit under the radar so he may have missed it, I dunno. Anyway, I hear it’s quite good. Should I get it you think?

(takes a step back from the cage. Takes another step back)

I am super excited about this release. I played a few times with a friend during early access and it was fun. Remember, if you also like it then be sure to leave a review on Steam. It helps these smaller developers a lot! :-)

It looks okay, maybe i’ll try it I dunno…

Starting over with a Drakk-based pet (fighter) build. Fun fun fun!

Version 1.001 is out: changes.

This patch fixes anomaly radiation damage, races not signing treaties sometimes, some escape pod issues, and a few other more minor issues.

Version 1.002 is out: changes.

This patch adds bonus components after max level, fixes a long standing marine issue, adds new ambient music tracks, and fixes a few more minor issues.

2nd night in a row where I stayed up way past bed time playing. Grats on the release! Just like the first game, I end up getting pulled in. Maybe just one more sector… 😂

I have been playing this regularly co-op with a buddy, since Beta and now after release. We really like the loot and ship customization. We are slowly increasing the galaxy size to see the dynamic interactions. So far Medium has been a sweet spot, we can finish in a 2-3 hour long session. Sometimes the Drox quests are achievable and then we complete 2-3 and win. Sometimes the Drox quests are harder (eg, make the weakest faction the most powerful) and we dont even try to finish them within the 45 min Drox timer, and we try other Win conditions. (Economic seems impossible to win on Medium galaxy size, and I suspect harder on larger galaxies.)

These characters are still less than 25th lvl, so we play on Normal difficulty but then set the galaxy level to +2.

My friend plays a fighter carrier and enjoys the passive damage. I play a missile carrier, and I like how the missiles auto-follow the target. Neither one of us enjoys manually targeting weapons.

This is one of the finest A-RPGs we have played. The space setting works very well. The game is stable and co-op works perfectly.


Pretty much all Soldak games have excellent co-op!

Indeed, which is why I’ve been trying to convince Steven to add 2 player local support.

Version 1.004 is out: changes.

This patch decreases the cost of skills, fixes consumables moving on the hotkey bar, opens up next challenge sector for all characters when one is won, and fixes a few more minor issues.

Version 1.005 is out: changes.

This patch fixes some hotkey issues, makes enemies using missiles more dangerous, makes chips stronger, fixes a bunch of UI issues, and fixes several more minor issues.

Version 1.006 is out: changes.

This patch adds donators to the credits page, makes starting starbases more common, fixes several small UI issues, and fixes a few more minor issues.