Drox Operative 2

Ok, by context that’s what I thought you were talking about, but I wanted to be sure. I took out the Drox commands stuff, although I might eventually put back in the bonus suggestions.

I’m finding loot acquisition to be pretty frustrating so far. I think the issue is in a regular ARPG, it doesn’t matter too much if your ring or boots are really out of date, you can get by. Given how important each piece of equipment is in Drox Operative, it can be really frustrating when you hit a drought on something like generators that give you power grid.

In my case it is the race-specific loot (in my case cloaking devices) of which I haven’t found a single one in four hours of play time. This is pretty frustrating because the unique equipment is one of the things that differentiates each race. It took me until the 2+ hour mark before I found a single cargo bay and given the crunch in inventory space, I jetissoned my starter equipment including the cloak, assuming I’d find a better one. So basically for four hours, I’ve been missing the unique equipment for my ship. At the very least, I think race’s planets should sell their unique equipment but I haven’t had any luck visiting Shadow planets.

Along with the cloaking device, I can’t find engines or shields for the life of me. Weapons, armor, computers, I’ve had hundreds. I’m L14 and I’m still running around with the same shield I had at level 3. I haven’t had an upgrade in the thrust department in ages as well, although it’s not quite as long. Things pop my shield in a single shot or two now basically and since I’m more invested in Engineering than Structure that screws me because while I’m finding armor plates, they’re quite a bit out of my range.

Given the loot droughts above, it makes me feel like I need to invest in all stats. I know that’s to be expected to a degree, but I mean I don’t feel like I can specialize much yet. The fact that I tried to lean more engineering than structure is screwing me right now because I can’t get my defense and survivabilty up, no matter how good my Helm skill and computers are (which raise defense).

Still having a lot of fun with the 4X part and the gameplay itself but a lot of things around loot are feeling a little frustrating at the moment.

Appreciate the response. To clarify, their removal is a change for Drox 2 or something that is no longer a thing in the original?

That’s a shame. That was one of my favorite things, as it really mixed up the game. I think the times just needed to be longer for these goals, and they should be opt in.

Opt-in would be great.

They were partially opt-in in Drox 1, except the minimal option never disabled them completely, which frustrated people who wanted them disabled.

I only removed it in Drox 2.

For everyone else, I’m pretty sure I will add them back in at some point. I took them out temporarily because even with the minimal choice you would still get them. Since then I believe I have fixed the bug that was causing that (again Drox 2 only).

If added back in, I’m pretty sure they will get a fairly large time boost. Also, I’m thinking of splitting the minimal choice to none and suggestions only.

Thanks, I really appreciate it. As I said before, I did have a great time with the OG before that and would be happy to support Drox 2.

Yeah this is critical for people to enjoy them the way they currently are (lose conditions, as opposed to something like my victory points mission choice idea). Basically, assume that the player is in the worst state possible to fulfill the quest: they’re on the other side of the galaxy, haven’t found the given race, and the race is the strongest race in the galaxy (and say you need to destroy it). The time needs to allow for those worst case conditions.

Version 0.801 is out: changes.

This patch makes radar much more useful, simplifies race statements, fixes federations, decreases scanning times, protects low level systems more, describes some of the newer systems better, balances a bunch of things better, and fixes a ton of other more minor issues.

Ooo, thanks, Steven! Going to check the patch notes out. Hoping I have some more time for games this weekend.

EDIT: Really like the sound of the radar changes, that will help me a lot. This is also a great fix:

Has anyone tried it with controller? :)

Not me. I’d love for it to have twin-stick shooter controls, but for now I’m doing well with mouse + kb.

Is it intentional for Ancient Refill Stations (or whatever they are called) to only give a 2% shield regen boost now?

I’ve played the alpha about 90 minutes so far. I like the faster speed, but I happen to be in a system with a billion illusion monsters hiding behind anomalies, so I’m not travelling far before cracking open every object I find and fighting what’s coming out. I’m not getting a faction boost for defending NPC player ships that require escorting, but I’m sure I’m just overlooking something.

The problem with controller support is that you can’t navigate the menus or the inventory without the pointer. The game needs the ability to jump to buttons and items so you can use them easily.

That’s probably a system modifier that shouldn’t occur at low levels after the patch.

Ah thanks, yeah that sounds a bit painful. I hope it gets improved.

Yea, right now I’m assuming every weird situation I encounter is probably one of the system modifiers.

I have enough fear in my sector that I should be triggering a fear victory, but it’s not triggering. I don’t have any unfinished Drox quests holding me back, any idea what I might need to do to win? I’m sort of on a timer in the game because every second that passes the very last remaining player that isn’t at war with me inches closer to declaring war on me because they pretty much hate me too.

That’s strange, could you email me your save game (character and world files)?


Unfortunately I don’t think I have a save from before the last player decided to war with me, so you’ll see us in a ceasefire that probably about to expire any minute. I’m sure whatever the problem is, at this point it’s just me and the fact I’ve let things go to far and although fearful, I’m not at war with the whole sector. I was hoping to slip in a fear victory just before that happened, but I failed to do so.

The save will be in the (e)mail shortly.