Drox Operative 2

If history is any accurate indicator of the industry in general, take the holiday before you release a 1.0.

LOL - you have a point

Think of this as release candidate 1 and if all goes well we’ll fully release mid next week.

The Drox Operative 2 demo is out now! Demo on Soldak and Steam.

Demo? You mean there are people that haven’t gotten this yet? Probably anti-vax too.

So something has me sad about Drox 2. If you save and quit with fighters in the air, those fighters won’t be there when you reload. This is particularly irksome if they’ve all been promoted.

Seems easy enough to work around. :)

I can’t believe version 1.000 isn’t the release version! I guess maybe the actual release will drop two of the zeroes?


Any charmies disappear on save and reload- and have since the first Din’s game I played.

Yeah it’s not the biggest deal it’s just a bit irksome. Not gonna stop me from playing and unleashing my nine fighters upon my enemies. ;)

Ohhh okay. I usually don’t do pet classes but I just love the fighters in this game.

Has this not been the case for the previous Soldak games? Trying to think of any ARPGs I’ve played that persist my minions when loading a save. I get what you mean about losing promoted fighters sucking, but considering they weren’t even a thing until a couple weeks ago I guess I can’t complain too much. :)

How does one deal with mines? Just avoid them? They don’t seem to be able to be shot by normal lasers?

Apparently it was, it’s just new to ME because I rarely do pet classes so I don’t notice.

Yup, you can’t shoot 'em like you can EVERYTHING ELSE.

I have a crew member with a level 2 version of a skill (Fighter Training). I also have the level 2 version of the same skill. Do these bonuses combine?

After a long Early Access, we have finally released Drox Operative 2!

Drox Operative 2 can be purchased from Soldak, Steam, and GOG. It’s 10% off for the launch week, so get it now!

Yes, they should combine.

Sounds like its time to dive in to my third run of Drox 2!

Oh hello there. Steam tells me that this game Drox Operative 2 has just been released. I took a quick look and it seems like the kind of game @BrianRubin might be interested in. It’s gone a bit under the radar so he may have missed it, I dunno. Anyway, I hear it’s quite good. Should I get it you think?

(takes a step back from the cage. Takes another step back)

I am super excited about this release. I played a few times with a friend during early access and it was fun. Remember, if you also like it then be sure to leave a review on Steam. It helps these smaller developers a lot! :-)

It looks okay, maybe i’ll try it I dunno…

Starting over with a Drakk-based pet (fighter) build. Fun fun fun!