Drox Operative (Soldak's New Game)


I just wanted to start a new thread to discuss Drox Operative, the new space themed game from Soldak Entertainment. It was mentioned in the other thread by Steven that he’d like to have the thread title updated (since at the time it was created we didn’t know the name of the game), so here it is.

For those of you living under a rock, this game is an ARPG set in space. Like most Soldak games, though, it’s not just a standard ARPG - the universe you inhabit is dynamic and evolves as the game progresses. Think of starting up a new campaign of Master of Orion 2 and how in those games you research technology and expand through the stars. That’s what’s going on here as well, but this time around you’re a mercenary living in this expanding and evolving 4X game. AI races will colonize planets, research technologies, build fleet and start wars with each other, form alliances, you name it. How you interact with this 4X backdrop and win a sector is up to you. Do you try to bring peace by uniting the races diplomatically, or do you prefer to wage war for a chosen patron race, annihilating all their foes and turning their homeworlds into molten slag?

At the time of this posting, the game is currently on it’s 27th (!) beta patch. The game is very polished as-is and purchase will get you immediate access to the Beta. I can’t imagine release being too much further away, as the game is very solid and fun right now as it is.

Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Excellent news. Appreciate the head’s up and will keep an eye out.

Hoping this makes it way to Steam eventually as other Soldak titles have. Might end up pre-ordering today regardless.


This game is amazing, one of my favorites of the year.


Haven’t played the betas in a while; at some point I realized the final game was going to be right up my alley and I didn’t want to burn out on betas.

Highly recommended – great stuff and nothing out there really quite like it.


I’m actually enjoying watching the game take shape with each patch. It’s become so much more…fleshed out, more full, more whole than it was when it started.


Highly recommended.

If you are familiar with Soldak’s titles, Depths of Peril or Din’s Curse especially, you will understand it is no pejorative when I say that Drox Operative is “Din’s Curse in Space”. But even that praise would sell the title short. Steven Peeler has done much more than simply re-skin his previous titles.

All through the beta Steven has added features at a furious pace, with the game just getting better and better each time.


As I noted in the other thread, I get the feeling that Drox Operative is pretty much cooked. If people have been holding back because of its beta state, it’s pretty much done. And it’s pretty good. Not earthshattering stuff, but a nicely-balanced space ARPG whose systems are all finally clicking together.


How does this game compare to Space Rangers 2? Is this on Greenlight yet?

Also, $15 is cheap enough to almost be an impulse buy. As soon as I have some game time without a good game I’ll be all over this.


SR2 is a different game entirely. The only thing they really have in common is the top down perspective and space.


I guess I just need to do some reading, but when I see a space-faring ARPG where you pilot around in a living universe and can affect the AI universe battles based on your actions, I think SR2.

I’ll probably just end up buying it and trying it myself anyways. :P


SR2 is a turn-based space trading and combat game.

DO is a real-time ARPG which happens to be set in a spacey 4X environment.


Have to highly recommend this game as well- it’s a huge step up from Din’s Curse, which was very good in its own right.


Any gameplay footage around to check out?


I hope it’s okay that I share my own.


Do you do your ARPG stuff in a spaceship or on foot? All the screenshots on the site are in a spaceship.

Edit: I watched your gameplay video. I get it now. Wondering if I want to play a space game where they don’t put in what I typically like about space games.


It is a spaceship ARPG

You are your spaceship essentially

It is not Space Siege or Space Hack

The 4X stuff is really in the background and you pretty much don’t interact with it in any significant way. Sure, planets have different attributes and stuff going on with them on their own, but 99% of the time it’s just background noise. As the description says, it’s all about getting the cool-looking spaceship and blowing stuff up.




You just sold me on the game in 5 words. :)


I know, right?! In regards to a typical ARPG, you have equipment slots for helms, legs, chest, rings, etc. In this, it’s broken up into Heavy/Medium/Light slots. There are weapons and shields and armor plates and hangars for fighter craft and a bunch of other type of equipment, but everything has a cost in terms of Power. A power plant / reactor is also an item to be equipped on the ship, so that’s usually a prime item that I look to upgrade as a bigger reactor typically means more and bigger toys I can fit into my ship.

There’s also the concept of Crew that doesn’t have an analog in other ARPGs. Crew members take up a Light component slot and provide stat increases. They have their own morale and need to be paid but the benefit is they level up as well and their stat contributions increase. This boosts your ship performance and also might allow you to equip a missile launcher or automated repair unit you wouldn’t normally meet the stat requirements for.

So it’s definitely an ARPG in space, but the different setting (you are a spaceship) adds a few twists to the core formula.


How does the ship control? Is it diablo like, or more subspace? I took a quick peek at Brian’s video (with sound off), and it doesn’t seem like he’s clicking all over the screen to move or target, but the weapons auto track?

I would have loved it to have netrek style combat with tractor beams and stuff. Probably wouldn’t work too well in an ARPG, but lots of fond memories playing that game.