Druidstone - Legend of Grimrock, isometric, tactics

I think I’ve played another 3 or 4 missions and the game is holding up. It can be pretty difficult on hard. I’m probably winning first try about half the time, but it is rare I get all of the optional objectives. For now I just move on to new missions.

The missions feel fairly different depending on objectives. Someone mentioned Gloomhaven above and I agree it has a similar feel even though it doesn’t share the same deck mechanics. I’m glad it’s holding up so far after being disappointed in my last several prior tactical RPGs.

After 7 combat missions I just had my first puzzle. It was a nice change of pace. Didn’t take too long but made me think just enough that it wasn’t just filler. Still liking this game a lot after 6+ hours.

I’ll be interested to hear how it goes in the later missions without getting the optional objectives done. I played it on normal and found some later missions pretty tough, and that was with getting the extra “power” from optionals done. I’m curious if you’ll hit a wall without having those extra skill points and item unlocks. I suppose going back to earlier missions with increased power is an option to.

That is my backup plan. I could drop it down to normal too, but I’d go for those additional objectives first.

Thanks to this thread reminding me that I wanted this game, I managed to pick it up on the last day of the Steam sale. I’ve been playing the last few days and have done about 17 missions so far. So, around halfway though, I guess.

I like it quite a bit despite the fact that the missions really are quite puzzle-like in nature. Playing on normal, I’ve managed to get all the bonus mission objectives so far though I had to replay some of the missions early on until I figured out how to play and got better equipment.

I usually don’t like tactical games that are puzzles all that much but this one is quite charming somehow.

Yeah I loved this game. The style is right up my alley. I hope they make a sequel, or other games like it are made.

OK, I finally have my first small issue with the game and it really is small. Also, I’m playing on hard so this may not be an issue on normal. So far the missions have been very doable, and I’m finding them challenging for the most part. Sometimes they are very tight though. There are certain enemies that behave in unknowable ways until you see them, so at least at my skill level I need to restart again knowing that new information. It just diminishes the feeling that I can attack a problem in a flexible way.

Still loving the game and it isn’t a big deal. I may drop down to normal to get able to play by the seat of my pants a bit more. I’m kinda stubborn though so I may bang my head against it a bit more too :-)

I was able to eek out a victory on the one that had me stumped, but I needed to take advantage of the AI pathfinding to do it. Maybe I need to try and get some of the objectives I missed in earlier missions.

The sanctuary mission is tough on hard. I do have some prior missions I can grind for more gems. Very tempted to drop down to normal though.

Arggg, I killed the baddie in the sanctuary mission but couldn’t get enough druids off lighting spots so I lost it again.

I think that was one of the hardest fights for me.

Also, just in case you go for achievements, there is one achievement that you get if you only play missions on hard.

I’m normally not, but I did see that one and was shooting for it.

I finished this today or normal and enjoyed it. So it took me about 5 days to complete from when I started playing. Not a very long game but a fun one and it was nice to actually finish a game up completely for a change. It doesn’t have any replay value so I guess I’m done unless they release some DLC.

I managed all the bonus objectives except for the one in the last mission and I just can’t be bothered to go back and redo it since the final boss is a PITA.

All I have available at this time is Sanctuary, which I’ve lost 2X. I did replay a couple past scenarios to get the extra objectives and played the new scenario that had become available. So, I need to decide if I will try again at hard or give up and bump down the difficulty.Looks like there are still 8 more scenarios left, including Sanctuary.

I made it to the last battle, still on hard - but damn this last one is making Sanctuary seem very doable.

The thing that does me in is when the demon goes into defensive mode, heals 10 points and retaliates each attack. She hits like a tank. I’m not sure how I can survive this.

It took me several attempts but I finally did get him. You can see why I didn’t bother with the bonus objective.

The key is taking him out as fast as you can. I geared the Warden with as much DPS as I could and the ability that gives you another action point. I had the claymore with execute equipped since the boss starts next to several other low HP mobs I could use that on. I equipped the ninja in similar fashion including power attack and the free action point skill and ran her to the left to get the shard for the free action point the next turn. I gave her the axe and throwing knives.

I equipped a lot of dash and free movement skills on everybody that had them (get the one for the archer that gives a free move and attack). I gave the harmonica to the archer. I hit him with poison+piece+power counterattack and then ran her to the right to get the shard there and used the harmonica the call the mercenary for extra DPS.

It’s key to get spread out for when he teleports. Then I gave him the business with the warden and mage. The mage has the shield skill with a gem in it so he starts shielded. The warden also has that skill but starts unshielded. Shields allow you to survive boss retaliation if he goes into defensive mode. Once he gets below a certain HP he will teleport, even on the 1st turn.

You then have to get lucky. After a few tries, he teleported to where 3 of my group could reach him on the second turn and that allowed me to finish burning him down before he went into defensive mode. If that doesn’t happen you have to use your shields to survive defensive mode and hope you can reach him and finish him the following turn. The shards are helpful if they aren’t too much trouble to reach, otherwise I ignored them.

I was playing on normal so this might not work for you.

I just finally beat it, mostly because I got lucky with the

boss teleport. I was able to do enough damage round one to cause the teleport. Then I was able to do multiple attacks that next round with the mage (who was shielded). I also made use of poison. So, one boss teleport and killed her before she healed.

Yep, that’s how I did it, too. You need a bit of luck but that strategy does work well.

I picked this up during the latest sale (mostly because it was listed as the 25th best strategy game of all time by RPS) … and I gotta say that it’s quite good!

I definitely see why people call it more of a puzzle game than a shooter though.

I just saw this in my discovery queue, and gotta say it looks quite interesting. I do hate timed missions though.