Drum machine questions

When I was in school I had to sell off my musical equipment so I could continue to live.

Now that I have a job, I’m replacing everything with high(er) end, modern stuff. I’m looking for a decent drum machine that I can use to jam along with (main instrument is bass guitar) and do some simple home recordings.

The only features I feel that I really need are programmable fills (the fact this is even an option blows my mind) and being able to emulate fast double bass action.

Does anybody have any recommendations? So far, the Boss DR-880 has caught my attention. Any good or bad things to say about this machine?

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks.

Im not sure of your requirements or if an actual machine is essential but, my friend uses Logic Pro along with the Steinberg virtual drummer VST plugin to jam along with. There’s a whole range here.. The quality of the emulation is outstanding through the right kit and any beat is possible once you figure it out. He showed me the grand piano plugin mapped through to his keyboard and to an untrained ear (but one that recognises a grand piano) it was quite amazing. This is on Windows by the way, i think Groove Agent is the latest version, and Logic Pro went Mac only a few versions ago. Oh… he’s a musician and sound engineer. I guess i can only recommend this if your experienced with sequencers and that type of thing, and just not up to date on the advanced plugins as its really complex stuff.

However, but im not 100% sure, as it’s a VST plugin you can also use it with Frooty Loops, which is far easier to learn.

yah. Join the digital age and use your computer! VST (virtual studio technology) rocks.

I like Reason because it’s behaves just like a real rack full of music equipment (you even hook up virtual audio cables between all the modules in your “rack”), but there are others.

Reason is great. Can it use vst plugins? or is that Rewire? (or both)

The reason i recommended the Steinberg virtual instruments was that he uses it to jam with and he’s a metal guitarist (albeit one who used to be a drum and bass artist) and it doesnt really sound like it was done on a computer.

Reason is self-contained, it doesn’t host VSTis. It uses Rewire to integrate with a host DAW.

I’ll chime in on the software thing. If you have PC hardware that will do the job, get an inexpensive sequencer/DAW like Cubase LE or Sonar Home Studio and use it to host a drum machine VSTi. Virtual Drummer is cool, but I don’t know how programmable it is. I get the impression that it’s really for people who don’t want to program their own drum parts. Native Instruments’ Battery 2 is an excellent drum machine VSTi that is more in the vein of a traditional “program the part using pads” hardware drum box. You could also go for a standalone drum sample library like Drumkit From Hell Superior or FXpansion’s BFD.