Went and checked this one out today. The movie is about a cocky freshman at Atlanta A&U who comes in and shakes up the marching band with his extraordinary talent on the snare line. I enjoyed the movie pretty well. I was a big fans of percussion throughout high school and about the first half of my college years, so I was getting down during the “show off your music” scenes.

But I am also getting kind of tired of the movies showing 18-20 year olds as either complete retards looking to get laid or as misunderstood wells of angst who would do better if only their parents weren’t such Puritans. This movie was neither. It was uplifting, energetic, and still had elements of modern drama.

Anyways, check it out if you are a “band geek” or if you watch college football halftimes or whatever. Or don’t.


Could there possibly be any spoilers to post?

I’m sure I was a retarded well of misunderstood angst looking to get laid. I tend to get annoyed at the opposite thing to you- movies where 18-20 year olds are articulate, sophisticated, aware of their surroundings and not suffering from any hormonal imbalances. I can barely remember any lucid moments of that part of my life where I was any of the above. I blame it on art school.

I was asking my wife who would go see this movie. I have my answer: Drum fans.

I think, Ty, that they were initially going to call the movie “Drumfans.” But then Swimfan came out, and they didn’t wanna be accused of stealing, so they figured people could figure out on their own who’d be interested in seeing the movie. :) (Or do you prefer ;) ?)

Yeah yeah, all of you get back to waiting for the highly anticipated American Pie 3: MTV Rocks! :?

I guess you skipped out on National Lampoon’s Van Wilder then? :D

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am sure American Pie 1 and 2 are no Drumline, but at least give 'em a chance with AP 3. Drumming on quints, step dancing, and booty shaking are oh so more entertaining.

For the record. I saw Voltaic watching American Pie 2 and he liked it at the time.

That is all.

I knew it!!!

Still, if liked Drumline more…more power to him.

It just reminds him of last year at band camp.

Yeha I did like AP2 (it was much better than AP1). But that doesn’t mean I am not quite tired of that whole movie idea. You know the one; high shcool kids, life of the school, overcome some jocks, win the cheerleaders, nervous fumbling in the back seats of cars, drinking jokes, yay! Yeah, I’m dying with anticipation for the next one in that long line of storytelling genius.

Anyways I like the idea of the occasional semi-uplifting non-idiotic movie geared towards and/or about late high school and early college kids. Saying something encouraging about going to college with a scholarship and so on. I don’t think kids get enough of that today, unless they are already in the top 5% and they’re the ones who need it least. I’ve mentioned other movies like this before, such as “Stand and Deliver” which I own on DVD. Same thing.

The Filthy Critic really didn’t like it. http://www.bigempire.com/filthy/
I think the man has a few issues.
It’s a pity that these movies tend to deal with streotypes. Has there ever been a movie which captures the gamut of late teen/early adulthood in a way that approaches reality? I mean, I did some very smart things and some very stupid things, along with very good things and pretty despicable things; all done without really any thinking or planning. That whole part of my life seems like a contradiction- I was at my most arrogant and my most uncertain, my most idealistic and my most petty. I suppose most moviemakers don’t want to alienate the audience by producing a character that has genuine flaws but I’m sure someone has tried. For the life of me I can’t think of any.

Storytelling? Hell, I just want more dick and fart jokes. It is like a 90 min. long, themed comedy bit with lots of cursing. I get precisely what I paid for. I do not want to think and get to know the idiosyncracies and all three dimensions of characters in a straight out comedy.

Stiffler’s little brother walks into the beach house, “Fuckers, fuckers, fuckers.” Simple. To the point. Captures the essence of a smart mouth little brother in 3 words. Comedic genius.

Super glue instead of lotion? The old oops wrong bottle trick, but when you mix in porn and masturbation…hilarity ensues.

Drumline may be the deep movie about coming of age during a very confusing time in one’s life that you say it is, but that’s certainly not how they are marketing it. Majorettes shaking that ass, drummers with attitude, and fierce band competitions all filmed it what appears to be a pitch black stadium with some spotlights. Now throw in a majorette all alone in the dressing room with a couple of drumsticks and no one to object, that could have possibilities.

I loved Fast Times at Ridgemont High, the best movie of its type I’ve ever seen.

Well, Drumline has received good reviews from a number of outlets. I still say the trailers did not do a good job of portraying what the film is actually about, but when it comes on a pay cable channel I may check it out.

Apologies to voltaic for my misplaced derision of a film I have not even seen. I guess I learned a valuable lesson. Movies with stupid trailers and seemingly shallow plotlines can actually be decent. Now when does Crossroads come on again? See you at the movies. :)

Thank god for 'em, otherwise I would have never gotten laid!