DS Homebrew Games

I had not heard of this before. I have several questions on this…

First, are there developers making homebrew games for the DS? If so, what are the best ones?

Second, is this legal to do (selling the software without a Nintendo licesnse)?

Third, how is the development done with out an official dev kit?

Fourth, from a user perspective, how easy/hard is it to load your game on a micro sd and play it?

#1: Dunno about games. The closest I’ve gotten is playing Monkey Island via SCUMMVM :)

#2: I think we can safely say “NO” to selling. Making and releasing shouldn’t
be a problem; I’ve got a cart for use with Moonshell and its textreader/MP3 player.

#3:Variants of GCC are used, for ARM targets.
Installer is found here: http://www.devkitpro.org/

#4: Depends. Homebrew uses different loaders. Not all the carts have the same
way to access your flash cards. Some require no loader, some homebrew software
can read the filesystem via a FAT32 library that many use.