DS in freefall

Nintendo DS in freefall (literally).

A friend was telling me about that. Very cool!

Nintendo’s doing some weird promotional stuff. They gave DSs to a bunch of guys who were climbing Mount Everest. The dudes hung out in their base camp playing Madden and whatnot, which made for a good Nintendo photo op. DS at the top of the world!!!

Compare this to the lazy ass Sony PR folks. They just tosses a PSP to Paris Hilton.


Maybe if they released some games for the thing they wouldn’t need to invest in so much crazy advertising.

[size=1]I know I say something like this in every DS thread, but it’s true, dammit.[/size]

Gee, I’m glad they confirmed Newton’s laws about relativity… heh.

I’m just gonna hope that you had a brainfreeze there and will realise your error when you read through it again.

Uhh… what…? My point was that it’s obvious wireless will work during freefall since the relative speed between the two freefallers is almost zero ;).

Newton. Laws of relativity.

Just google the damn thing and you might figure it out.

Sounds correct. You know, action = reaction, the speed of a relative to b = the speed of b relative to a.
The Einstein/Lorentz modification only gains importance near light speed.

Maybe you should go back and look through your Physics 101 notes, it was Newton who first talked about relative speeds (in this case the relative speed between the freefallers is zero as they are moving down relative to the Earth but not to themselves).

Yes, it’s obvious as to what Igor was referencing with regards to the relative speeds between the free-fallers.

No, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Newton’s Laws about Relativity, but I have heard of ‘Einstein’s Theory of Relativity’ and ‘Newton’s Laws of Motion’.

Can we stop now?

Not quite, Igor. You’re thinking of Galileo:

Can we stop now?

Are you kidding? This sort of stuff can sustain itself for pages!