DS Lite... you will want one

Screen is bright and gorgeous. Buttons are very nicely placed and have a much better feel than the original DS. It’s an all around better machine and I want one now.

Also… Chibi-Robo for DS.

It just doesn’t look as sexy as the original to me.

I’m not a fan of the pure white, I guess.


I dunno about the US release, but the DS Lite comes in three different colors in Japan. And it is indeed wonderful.

Get the navy blue.

Does it come in slick “pet me” silver?

Original DS = sexy? Which universe do you live in, again?

There really was nothing sexy about the original DS.

I absolutely must wait until the Lite is released in black.

The original still works fine and the screens are plenty bright enough. I thought only the Evil EA released token upgrades like this. Guess Nintendo is happy to put old wine in slightly new bottles too.

Is there an option to map the GBA’s shoulder buttons to the DS’s face buttons on the DS Lite?

I’ve been wavering over plunking an extra C-note down to import one now to enjoy Mario next week versus waiting a month for the actual DSlite US launch. Ultimately i’m probably just gonna wait, but I’m itching to get my hands on it.