DS Lite

I think I really want a DS Lite. Even though I already have a regular chunky DS, which is perfectly good. I just have to have the smaller form factor and the brighter screen. I can’t help myself.

Is anyone else suffering from this utterly pointless need? I’m having a hard time thinking of a bigger waste of money, but I still want it. I think it’s mainly because I just got Tetris DS, which is destined to be fused into the DS permanently, and I like the idea of having a smaller unit to carry around at all time.

It doesn’t look like there is even a US release date yet, but I have been considering importing one from Japan. Anyone know how to do that? Am I right in assuming there’s no territorial lockout, so a Japanese unit will work just fine here?

so a Japanese unit will work just fine here?


I want one, though the DS I have at the moment is actually my younger brother’s, so I suppose he will eventually want it back. Justification for purchase acquired.

The only problem is that I’m not sure how an import would do in Australia - we have 240V nominal (250 in some areas) and while I was able to use my GBASP charger with the original DS, I can’t do that with the DS lite. Does anyone know if the charger is a universal one that can deal with a range of voltages and frequencies?

The only question I have about it, is will the gba and rumble pak cartridges still stick out , or did they find a way to fix that?

99% sure they stick out farther now.

I doubt I will be able to resist the geek lust. The brighter screen is the small justification I am going to use, that and it might actually fit in my pocket comfortably.

I’ll pick one up for all the reasons mentioned above, plus the fact that with so many games supporting some kind of multiplayer with only one copy of the game, the original will still get heavy use with my roommates and visitors.

They had them at GDC.

I held it and caressed it with the stylus.

It was so bright and light.

I love you DS Lite.

Just got mine in the mail today…HAHAHAHAHAH I RULE TEH YUNEVERSE!!

It’s pretty sweet, in Navy Blue.

Where did you order it from?

I just picked up a DS in the first place so I’m not likely to need to upgrade it anytime soon.

The top screen of my old DS is broken so I’ll be getting one of these.

Besides the lighting and size, are they changing the material of the touch screen? Mine is alittle scratched.

NCSX, but apparently Lik-Sang and eBay are good sources as well.

So it ships in navy blue huh? Favorite color is blue , and one of the reasons I waited before getting the ds. It’s going to be around the same price as the original one right?

I really want a DS Lite, too. I’ve held off on a DS purchase because I just knew the “better” second version would show up eventually, and now it has.

Does anyone have any idea of a North American release date? Has any hint been dropped that I might have missed?

Nintendo still can’t make enough of them to satisfy the demand in Japan, so I don’t see them coming to NA until they get that taken care of. Do they typically announce a NA release date within a short period of time of the actual handheld being available in NA, or is there going to be at least a three month wait between an announcement (potentially at E3, I suppose) and the DS Lite showing up here?

Dunno about release dates, since I already have mine…MWUAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Except all my games are all older ones (Trauma Center is the most recent game I have), so I gotta find something new to play. I need to sell my copy of Rebelstar too, now that I think about it…

Curse you! I was going to be all good and wait for the U.S. release. Then I read this thread, and next thing you know I’m hitting “Place Bid” on ebay. :(

I’ve been keeping my eye out for an announcement and haven’t heard one.

I imagine that Nintendo wants to release the DS Lite in other territories before/or with the next Mario game (which releases the week after E3 as I recall). At least that’s what I’m hoping.

As for historical precident, I’m not sure. I don’t remember how they did the GameBoy Micro, but then again I didn’t care. :)


A Mario DS pack-in promotion would be very ideal.