DS one game multiplay?

I’m considering buying a DS for myself and the girl , but I’m a little unclear… I’m told I may only need one game to play with two systems for multiplay? In other words, I only need one Mario Kart to play vs another handheld in a race, rather than two cartridges? And are all games like this? becasue that would be great considering every game I’d get would be for this purpose.

There’s a bunch that support it but they don’t support full multiplayer. You’re usually restricted down to a certain set of maps, and one default guy. So in MK you all have to play as shyguys I think. In Metroid Prime Hunters it’s Samus only, etc.

Most multiplayer games have the one cardridge option, but it is almost always a limited version of the game. E.g. in Mario Kart, only (IIRC) 8 tracks are available for single-cart multiplayer, whereas if each player has his own cartridge, you can play all 32 tracks.

ah. that’s too bad. I suppose I’ll go console rout then, if games will cost me the same price (x2), especially factoring in the price of two DS’s. Thanks.

I think meteos and tetris offers single cart modes. Maybe Brain age but I’m not sure with that. New super mario has single cart I think as well.

Shang’s being entirely too polite calling the one-cart options “limited”. :) As far as I’ve seen, they’re almost always downright “gimped”.

It’s at least better than what you can do with the PSP in most games (“Everyone has to buy his own copy of the game! You hear me? Everyone!!!”). For any longterm playability, you really need multiple carts for every DS game.

Actually, one exception I can think of is Big Brain Academy, which has a bunch of awesome puzzle contests you can do using download play.


Tetris and Meteos have decent one card - two player options for the none hardcore. Also Wifi really opens up games, but of course that’s a bit outside the 2-player mold.

Quite a few good games to get nongamers gaming though. I like it!

New Super Mario Bros. is okay for one-cart multiplayer. The coin-chasing game is goofy, but the minigames are like Mario Party without the boardgame part.

Today me & my friend had our DS with us while we went to drink something at a bar. We sat outside & started a mariokart game, and some kids (10-12 year old) who were there with their parents asked if they could join with their DS’s.

We ended up playing five-player mario kart with a single game - it was some of the most fun multiplayer (ie, more then 2) I had since going to LAN parties.

So yeah, the multiplayer is often restricted, but for a quick match it’s great that you can play with 4-8 people on a single cartridge.

Can you play those with one cart? I was thinking you needed two for those. Great if so.

Is there an unoffical DS network out there somewhere? Software you run on a PC and it let’s the DS connection tunnel through the PC so you can connect to internet players with games that only support local play?

Edit: Ok, some search revealed that there isn’t such a thing, although there a few people working on it: http://blog.akkit.org/

Looks like the DS protocol was tricker than expected.

The download and play feature (one game, two or more DS’s) varies in quality from game to game. Mario Kart is great, imo, since they give you the 8 basic tracks and all downloaders have to play as shyguy, who kicks ass anyway.

Advance Wars, however, only lets you play by far the most boring/thrown-in mode in the game, “Combat”, which is… well, I think it’s safe to say Asteroids was more deep than this game mode. :P

Oh, and New SMB’s “Mario vs Luigi” download and play mode is insanely fun. I don’t think I’ve ever screamed/laughed/cursed at a game more in my life than playing that versus a friend of mine.

I brought my ds to Eb last week so I could play mario vs luigi there. Being chased by a huge mario or luigi is hectic. Especially in the tunnel stage.