DS or DS lite

Wha? Animal Crossing links itself to a specific DS? I’d never heard that before.

I heard somewhere that if you go to the ds wi fi site there are instructions on how to transfer your data to another ds.

One of the characters in Animal Crossing explained it, but he was a dog, so I’m not sure I trust him or got the right information.

Granted, he was a dog in a helmet, but still…

You’ll keep your town, characters, etc., but your friend code changes, so anyone on your friends list will have to reenter your code.


I think that’s for if you want to transfer your data to a different game cartridge’s town, but isn’t necessary if you’re just replacing the DS itself.

Has there been any word on when different color ds lites are coming to the us? Didn’t it take 6 months or so before the blue ds came out?

Transferring a Nintendo WFC ID to another DS system

Thanks, now I suppose the question becomes whether the good folks at EB will allow me to futz with my old and new DS’s at the same time while still giving me trade-in credit.