DS - Should I Get One?

Hey guys, how are ya? I’m writing because I just got a big bonus, and I’m now debating on getting something I’ve wanted for a while, a Nintendo DS. I already have a GBA, the problem is I don’t use it as much as one should, but I’ve seen the current and upcoming game list for the DS and am impressed.

Given the fact that I already own a GBA, yet play it a few times a week, and still play original GB and GBC games, would it be worth it to get a DS, in your opinion? I thank you in advance. :)

Yes it would.

You can still play all your GBA games, but now on a brighter screen. And as we all know, the DS’s library is quite strong. The Mario Kart Bundle makes the system even less expensive.

Mario Kart bundle?! Where can one find that?

NM: I see that places like Best Buy and what not have it. Is it fun?

Mario Kart is one of the system’s must-have games. If you have a router you’ll be able to play it online, as well. It’s a lot of fun, and the series has inspired a lot of imitators, but none come close. Oh, get the bundle on Gamestop and you get free overnight shipping as well.

I’m just hoping to see a DS SP of sorts for the next holiday season. Something smaller that doesn’t look like it was designed in 1986… Then I might finally bite.

I myself am totally willing to be branded as a dork with my big red kiddie looking DS to be able to play Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and Advance Wars Dual Strike.


Hmm…now I’m seriously looking into that Mario Kart bundle, because it looks like a great value…

I didn’t like the design of the DS at first, but it gradually grew on me. Now, it’s so sexy in my eyes. The covertop is so sleek, I love to just glide my hands over it…just feeling it…

So sexy…

I think Denny might have been referring to the very red Mario Kart-bundled DS. The regular version doesn’t look especially 1986 to me. Or maybe I don’t remember 1986 well enough to speak authoritatively on it. :)

Regarding the original question “DS - Should I Get One?”, this definitely falls into the category of “If you have to ask, the answer is yes.” How many “buyer’s regret” posts do you see from DS owners these days? They love that crazy thing.

All right, I’ll bite. I bought a DS and regret it. It was to be my gateway to console gaming, but most of the games I’ve gotten for it simply haven’t held my attention. Metroid Prime Pinball is enjoyable, very slick even if there isn’t a lot there (only two different pinball tables, which is very stingy), and Zookeeper is nicely full-featured Bejewelled-like puzzle game, but everything else has been kind of “meh” (PuyoPop Fever, Super Mario, Viewtiful Joe, and Trace Memory). I’m still hoping it clicks with me eventually, but given how little I do mobile gaming, I think I really should have gotten a Gamecube, or perhaps even a PS2.

So there’s an “against” opinion. But hey, you’ve got a bonus to spend so you might as well join us. :)

The DS is my first non-PC system in 20 years and I love it. Mario Kart is in the running for my favourite game of 2005.

I’m running 2 for 5 in terms of DS games I’ve enjoyed. I really didn’t like Metroid Pinball, Nintendogs, or Animal Crossing for very long and ended up selling them all on eBay. On the other hand, Mario Kart and Advance Wars are both supurlative and probably worth the price of the system for me. AND I still have a long wish list of DS games, including Phoenix Wright, Tony Hawk, Castlevania, and Meteos.

Due to the lack of 360-ness I opted for a DS, Mario Kart, Advance Wars, and Castlevania this holidya season. I haven’t really put the thing down, and if you travel it really helps the annoying flights and layovers go by quickly.

Discounting my Xbox that I only use for XBMC, my only systems are the DS and the 360. I’d recommend either one without reservation.

[COLOR=black]I sense a strong correlation between your dissatisfaction with the DS and no mention of Mario Kart in your post. Or Advance Wars. Or Castlevania. Or Animal Cross. Either you avoided these games at purchase because they’re not your bag, possibly diminishing your DS experience. Or you’re wrong, and you bought the system and skipped the killer app(s).[/COLOR]

Or the third option, which can safely lead us to say the DS isn’t for you. :)

One of the best features of the machine is that you can have both a GBA and a DS game in it, at the same time.

That way you can, say, put in a SRPG like Fire Emblem and a fast paced game like Mario Kart, so whatever your mood / free time you have a good game with you.

Be warned that you can’t use GB or GBC cartridges. Oh, and you can’t use the multiplayer features of GBA games.

Mario Kart is “meh” if you ask me. Woo, another Mario Kart game! And look at the imaginative use of the touchscr… oh. The PSP is much more suited to racing games.

Advance Wars DS is practically the definition of More Of The Same, but as I like using the touchscreen for it and want more strategy games like this, I’ll not complain too much.

I guess it’s all down to whether you really like the console iterations of the DS games, because they’re not that different.

With the few games that I have for the DS, Advance Wars DS, Ridge Racer, Mario Kart DS, so far I prefer not using the touchpad. In fact I find it annoying when I “have to” use the pen. The touchpad was not a reason why I bought this console, and I still like the DS very much.
The DS does not have the best graphics or sound, but it sure has some fun games.

I find it interesting reading that the DS has “more of the same” while comparing to the PSP, which is like the mother of more of the same game consoles. (or something like that).

What I would love to see is a Civilization game on the DS.

Would you settle for an Age of Empires game?

Maybe it was hyped too much, but Mario Kart DS left me cold. I have every previous iteration, but this one was just . . . there. 50cc was a snooze, 100cc wasn’t much better, online was just OK. Maybe I just hate waiting around for the matchmaking to take place.