DS WiFi - gotta love it!

1Up has a neat article with lots of pics showing just how easy it is to hook up your DS to your home PC for lots of online gaming goodness.


I must say, I am stunned at just how easy this all seems. But then again, it is from Nintendo and this kind of idiot-proofing is among the stuff they do best.

Bodes well for Revolution online stuff, methinks.

I’m a bit confused why you need an adapter if the DS already has Wifi built-in? The PSP connects easily to the internet without anything else required.

The adapter is for connecting to wired networks, basically. If you already have a wireless network, you don’t need it.

I read in an interview with the designer of Mario Kart DS that there’s a stigma attached to online play, saying that it’s complicated, user-unfriendly, and likely to lead to interaction with smacktards. Nintendo seems to be tackling these perceptions head-on.

Supposedly these are huge hurdles in Japan, so we get the benefit of them working to solve these problems for a much more demanding audience.

Is it really a “stigma” if it’s true?

Especially the smacktard part.

Sure. That’s part of the definition of the word. But maybe plain old “perception” would have been a more effective word to use. Either way, that’s how Japanese people tend to expect from online multiplayer, at least according to one interview I read.

Probably so. I always regarded the word as having a connotation of unfair perception to it.

Sorry to derail but I’ve gotta lash out against Sony. The wifi tech is there for the PSP and it’s even easier since the security is stored on the system itself but Sony is dropping the ball getting devs to support it (this year at least). GTA:LCS and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 should have been no brainers.

Having said that, Socom for PSP has just released to good reviews and it supports online voice chat even. I’m going to have to try that.

I’m hoping Nintendo’s Wi-fi commitment gives Sony a kick in the ass to wake up.

I think it’s simply too costly to make PSP games for little return. There aren’t enough systems and people are not buying enough games to make it profitable for anyone to spend too much time or resources building a game for the system.


Does NOT help either than a TON of game sat launch had very… convenient ‘misprints’ claiming infrastructure (online) play when they just had local.

I bought Fifa 2006 for PSP and went online, and there were 0 players there. Granted this was only a week or two after it came out, I’ll have to check again if there is anybody there.

I’m very disappointed Virtua Tennis doesn’t support infrastructure.

I’m now on my wrt54g router. I’m so psyched :)

I may even pick up the wifi adapter and keep it with me when I’m at work or over a friend’s house.

DS WiFi adapter on sale now.

They’re only available there, and I think they’ll go pretty fast. Buy 'em now, this could be worse than the Gamecube’s Broadband Adapter.

Pretty sure you could get an actual USB wifi adapter for the same price.

I’m just sayin’

Picked up Mario Kart at the nintendo store last week. Cool game, but I absolutely can’t get it to work with my Linksys WRT54GC. According to the official Nintendo router list, it should work if WEP is turned off. It don’t. Something to consider if you’re planning to use a 54GC.


Try going through their guide here, maybe you missed something? shrug You could always try updating your firmware, that might do it too.

You can get an 802.11b router for less then that or hell I have seen 802.11g routers for that price.

The one thing I could think of for Erik is that maybe he has the router set to not broadcast its SSID.

It appears to find the router just great. The setup screen has a “test connection” option, and, according to that, everything is terrific. It’s when you try to connect to the nintendo server to actually play that my DS becomes, to put it in Samurai Shodown 2 terms, involved in the troubles. It just hangs.

The official nintendo “are the servers up and running” site says that they are, so unless that’s broken, I blame my router. Also, once it hangs, the “test connection” option stops working, too, and no amount of turning the DS off and on will fix it. The only way to get “test connection” operational again is to cycle WEP on and off in the router setup screen. Single player is pretty fun. I guess.