DSL/Cable - How to get fast upload speeds

So I’ve got Charter Pipeline, silver level, I think. Had it for a couple of years, and it’s solid for download (2MB+ pretty consistently, not much downtime).

However, the upload speed is 256Kbps - not all that great.

Are there other Cable/DSL solutions for home users to give significantly better upload speeds?

I’m in St. Louis - I think SBC territory for DSL.

I think I’m paying ~$40/mo now for Pipeline - would be willing to pay a bit more, but preferably nothing crazy like a T1 to my house.

All I can tell you is to call your local Cable co, and Telco, and ask about their plans. Ask for business class plans as well, which are typically more expensive but cater to the needs of business (static IPs, less port restrictions, less usage restrictions, possibly more bandwidth).

Unfortunately most of the ISPs providing service to individual homes have discovered that download speed is what sells and that they can get more download speed by cannibilizing the upload bandwidth. This leads to silly packages like the 2mbit down/256kbit up type crap that a lot of them seem to be peddling nowadays.

DSL/Cable - How to get fast upload speeds

Stop using DSL/Cable :twisted: .

Committing stuff to SVN when I’m remote takes a while. I asked my cable company about what I can do to increase my upload bandwidth. For three times the price, I can get twice the upload bandwidth by using their business cable internet service. But, as I pay for my internet connectivity out of my own pocket, I said no thanks. Instead, I drive 5 minutes into the office and transfer everything to my work PC via a 1GB USB memory stick.

The other cable provider in my area provides 512kbps up for only $10 more, but I’m not in their service area.

I upgraded from 3000down/384up to 6000down/768up for an extra $30 per month. Actually clocks at 800KB/s down and 60KB/sec up in the real world. Seemed worthwhile to me, although I wish the upload was faster.

480kbps on a line rated at 768 isn’t bad, once you take into account all the factors that reduce speed. But man, your download speed is well over what you’re rated at. I’d like to have your cable provider.

I’d much prefer 750down/96up (which is what I paid for) to 800down/60up. It’s a matter of degree.

Well technically speaking, all you paid for was to have your upload capped at 96KB.

I checked into it. I was paying $40/mo for 3MB down, 256K up. I bumped up to the next grade at $50/mo, for 5MB down, 512K up. Just tested it, and I’m getting the full amount both ways - very nice!