Dual Monitor Gaming

Any experts on dual monitor gaming? I am running a GE7600GS as my video card. I am trying to get GalCiv2 to open full screen on the secondary monitor, rather than primary, but it will not cooperate. Any advise?

I can run the game windowed and move it to the 2nd monitor, but I would rather run full screen.

Everybody that owns a Nintendo DS is a dual screen gaming expert!

Seriously though, I don’t have any tips or advice, but I did want to gripe that I’ve had very very bad luck with trying to do dual screen gaming. The only game that I felt supported it very effectively was X2: The Threat, which allows you to put your forward view on one monitor and a status display or other view on the second monitor, but even though I had a GeForce 6800 at the time it still crawled trying to render 2048x768.

When I right click on my NVIDIA Settings icon in the System Tray, select one of my two displays, go to Nview Display Settings, then to Dualview, I can quickly switch between one setting of primary-secondary to the opposite. By making the other display the primary, you’ll be able to start up the game normally and it’ll just appear on the new primary display. Then, when you are done, just do the same to switch it back to your normal primary-secondary settings.

Might be easiest to do it that way.