Dual Monitors

I recently purchased a second monitor for my computer and noticed that I can’t move some program windows to the other monitor. I am hoping that someone here knows of a keystroke or a utility program that will force the program to the other monitor. This is basically one scenario, I want to watch tv on my secondary monitor and play a game on my primary monitor. I not only would like to move my tv window, which it currently won’t do, to the other monitor, but also be able to release the mouse from the game to go the the other monitor. Any help would be appreciated.

My computer specs
Athlon XP 2600
1 gig ram
ATI Radeon 9800XP video card
Windows XP Home Edition

The dual monitor system is working right now. I would like to be able to move stubborn programs between monitors.

www.ultramon.com - the BEST utility for dual monitor setups, period. I’ve had a dual monitor setup on both ATI and Nvidia cards, and their drivers don’t come close.

Thanks for the tip Kryten. I tried the Ultramon utility and although it’s very good it didn’t do what I wanted. Every time I tried to use it to switch monitors while watching tv the tv went blank and I couldn’t get most of my games wouldn’t switch. Again thanks for the tip.