Ducktales Woo-oo


No discussion of the “new” Ducktales show? (Well, new as opposed to the old 1987 show - it’s recently been renewed for a third season, if I understand correctly).

We just got the last episode of the first season here on Disney Channel (Scandinavia is behind the curve, as usual) which was good stuff. I was pretty skeptical of the new “blocky” artstyle they had adapted for this, but have to admit that it grew on me after a while. Helps that the animation is really, really good, of course. And the voice acting is fabulous (David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck hits it out of the park).

But mostly it’s just taking a classic TV series, and performing the almost unheard of feat that it is to make it better. Giving the three nephews distinct personalities works, opening up the sibling dynamic. Scrooge is softened a bit, but in ways which don’t lose his character and makes him more palatable to modern audiences. Webby is no longer “the girl”. Grandma Beakley is so much more than a housekeeper. And I absolutely love what they’ve done with Donald in this show (compared to his complete absence in the original).

It’s funnier and in some ways more wacky than the old Ducktales, but at the same time also far more emotionally grounded, with distinct characters who all have their characters arcs during the show. And for the past six months, it’s been me and my boy’s go-to show that we watch together.


First I’m hearing of a new Ducktales! I loved the 80s show, so I’m definitely for checking this out. I wonder if this is one of those things the new Disney+ streaming service will let me see.


Hey now, you can’t make a post named that without including the song.

I loved their cast reveal video:


I’d suspect it’s heading there. We have the DC XTRA thing available (which collects a few of the Disney Channel and XD series), but it doesn’t have Ducktales yet. So I assume they’re holding it back for the new streaming service - would make sense, considering that it’s generally been very well received.

If you have fond memories of the original, the chances are pretty good you’ll enjoy the new one. It’s very much a kid’s show, but there are a ton of great callbacks to the original,


I have them all recorded, but I’ve yet to watch it.


Donald’s voice is really hard to make out without headphones. Is it like this in every episode or does it get better?


It is hard - Donald has his iconic voice in the series, and it’s always been border-line incomprehensible.

It pays off in the last episode, though. It’s essentially explained as a speech impediment. Don Cheadle voices Donald in the final episode after he (temporarily) gets a corrective gadget (the Barksian Modulator) from Gyro and it’s played to good effect. The final 3 episodes really made Donald my favorite thing about this entire reboot.