Dude, I Googled my name, and it was the 7th one listed

My last name is actually a fairly common one, as is my first name. Nevertheless, I’m always curious to see if I’ll show up somewhere on Google. Only recently, the only way I could bring myself up was “Tom McNamara” “PC Gamer,” which only returned my little Geoshitties page, http://www.geocities.com/stonedonkies. All other results were some other “Tom McNamara.” But last night, I Googled just my name, and there was my Geoshitties page at #7. :shock:

I was under the impression that Google worked by reverse linkage. The more sites that linked to your page, the higher up it would be in the results listings. I can’t imagine how this happened. Is it just a burp of some kind? It gets like a handful of hits a week, too.

My blog is the number one match for my name, amusingly.

Wouldn’t want to confuse you with super-nerd Jason McCullough.

It’s called “ego-surfing.”

— Alan

I always knew it as “vanity surfing”. And yes, I do it too. and my real name also used to come out on top for the longets time. Alas, it has been supplanted this past year.

Really, Tom? Gosh, that’s nice. I’m the first hit for my name. Also the second, fourth, fifth, etc, etc.


Same here. Most all my names are just various archives to a couple posts I made to linux-kernel.

Alas, my doppelganger is a 50-something-year-old British professor who also happens to be one of the world’s foremost experts on cryptography. Quite published, too.

I don’t come up until the sixth link, where my Mobygames rap sheet makes an appearance. :cry:

Whoah. The 2nd main link for my real name is for 2 reader reviews I put up on Gamespot in 1997 and 1998.

Wow, I’m 3 pages down the list for my name.

Like John Malkovich, Bobby Fischer and Ernest Hemingway, my name is part of a film title, so that always comes up first if I Google myself. I haven’t seen it yet, despite such quotes as, “In his latest film, Albert Woo achieves a mythical status - becoming a signifier for the contemporary Asian man,” and “As we hear how contemporary men define themselves, the enigma of Albert Woo begins to break down.” The last thing I want to know is how I break down. :)

My name is rare - nonetheless I found some baseball player with my name in google. I was pretty surprised actually.

Yeah, that has to suck, Matt. Not one, but TWO assholes on TV with your name.

Looks like I came up second, first (which also comes up a lot) is apparently a member of parliament.

Curious to see how the search results change when you put your name in double-quotes (thus search the exact phrase rather than each word).

— Alan

I’ve got the first five links of my own name (Nate Timperley) on google… most linking to stuff I wrote for gamespy, one linking to a list of moo3 beta test winners (eek).

Also got the first listing of Nathan Timperley as a lanparty attendee.

i come up as the second link. back when i had my web page running, searching for my name brought up pages and pages of links.

I am in a constant battle with CJ Jimmy Pavloff’s Club Zone for the top “Pavloff” spot.

Hm, the majority of exact-phrase google matches for my name (“Laurence Brothers”) are in fact references to me one way or another with a few silly exceptions, like those various brothers who are named Laurence, some motocross racer, and a few random others, but then my name is somewhat less common than you’d think.

(pause to wait for obligatory Tom Chick praise of my name :roll: )