Duh, wazzit mean?

I was perusing some personal ads online tonight (hey, I’m single. Sue me). Anyway, I saw some acronyms that I didn’t understand. ENTP and ENTJ. I get the feeling they have to do with personality type, but haven’t doped out what they mean. Anyone here know?

Google, man!


Way of classifying personality types: http://keirsey.com/

Oh, for the luvva…

This shit is getting way too complicated for me.

Hey! I broke a thousand posts!

You’re going to stay single at this rate, Joe. :)

Maybe that’s why you’re still single.

Dees are ze jokes, folks!

Oops. It’s myers-briggs, actually. Speaking of, fun Malcolm Gladwell article on such:


Makes a good argument it’s crap.

Maybe that’s why you’re still single.[/quote]

If he’s still single from a thousand posts, what does that say about someone with say ten times that number?

Actually, it’s both. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter both measure the same four personality dimensions, and are summarized by a four letter code.

It’s not total crap – for example, horoscopes are much crappier. People just tend to get way into the MBTI and assign it far too much legitimacy.

If people are interested in a well-validated measure of personality, do a Google search on the five-factor model. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you a cool 4-letter abbreviation that you can use to hook up with other groovy singles.

Sidd (INTP)

I don’t think it’s crap, but mostly it just regurgitates your answers back at you. Still, the classifications can occasionally be useful, e.g., in looking at possible careers.

I’m an INTP too.

I have to post, if only to finish off an INTP hat-trick. :lol:

People can get way, way too obsessed with MBTI, but it does have its uses.

We’ve done these periodically as pseudo team building exercises. They were fairly useful for me when I was dabbling in management, both in hiring and dealing with customers. Not that every hire or customer took one, but it was often a matter of seeing a couple of things that made me think “That’s a very ‘E’ thing to say”, and then tweak how I worked with them in that regard.

People definitely fall into certain personality classifications, but I don’t think that the MBTI is a particularly good way of measuring them. That’s because it doesn’t do a very good job when you’re borderline between two categories.

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