Duke Nukem Forever in August PC Gamer?

Maybe they should have spent more time on the prequels. :)

I must admit that I still want this game.

I loved the original PC Ghost Recon and the multi-platform development of GR2 has given me a very bad vibe. This doesn’t exactly ease my fears. :|

On DNF: Yeah, it’s bound to ship sometime, but I honestly can’t see how a shooter with Duke’s setting and theme will be anything more than a simple, goofy romp. But that ought to be enough.

magine coming to work every day to work on this game. How pointless does that feel.

The turnover rate is pretty high at that company, from what I’ve heard.

The funniest thing about the turnover rate is that their job offerings continue to highlight “profit sharing” as one of the benefits.

I still have my preorder slip for this game.

From Gamestop.

Dated January 12, 1998.

Yes, I’m embarrassed.

Yeah I saw that too. It is pretty different from the head-in-lap style of previews I’m used to in that mag. He does have a couple contradictions (saying the original “underperformed” then later calling it a “massive hit” on the xbox) and tries a little too hard to come off as “well, they took out everything I liked about the first game, but I’m still excited. Really!!!”

But I thought overall it was a really honest article, which is odd, particularly for a preview, particularly for a preview in PC Gamer.

is it still valid? how much interest has gamestop earned on your $10 in the last 6 years? any finance geeks here?

There’s nothing on my preorder slip that says anything about it becoming invalid after a period of time. Have the slip and receipt, so they’d darn well had better give me my $10 off when the [email protected]@! game finally comes out.

Tough call, it’s pretty close.

The original release date for Grimoire was Halloween, 1997. Back when Cleve was raving about what a studly quick developer he was compared to large dev houses – your basic moronic communists – he said something about only taking 9 months to get to his 95% done point.

So Cleve began in late '96 or early '97.

Grimoire seems to have finally died, though Cleve hasn’t announced anything. His ego probably vaporizes that thought before it fires its 2nd synapse.

I don’t think he’s even got a website for it any more. Maybe the ridicule for his “intriguing entity” golden baby finally pushed the Clevester into his underground nuclear shelter.

Aha! I think we’ve stumbled onto the thinking behind this delay. It has been setup so that anyone like this that has pre-ordered, will forget and buy the game at full price, giving the store an extra $10.

Just for old times sake - http://www.elys.com/software/grimoire/

Guess I didn’t look hard enough, it’s got an Oct 04 ship date - http://www.grimoiresystems.com/index.php?sitesig=GE&page=GE_007_Products&subpage=GE_009_Grimoire

Contains bonus paranoid blast shelter photos - http://www.villagephotos.com/pubbrowse.asp?selected=752399

I just can’t wait to get my hands on the entity.

no video game should take 7 years to make. its pure insanity. After 2 years you would imagine someone would see sense and can the game if it wasn’t finished. I just can’t fathom how a first person shooter could take that long.
I certainly won’t be buying it, unless there is a demo released which proves really good.
I would LOVE to see the balance sheet for how much that game cost though.

That shit there just can’t be real.

Can it? :shock:

“The last word in strength, survivability and security. The Vulcan Fortress design separates living space and storage into two discrete, manageable units. This shelter can hold enough food to support a family of four for five years at a minimum. With nearby silos for fuel and water, Bravo could endure up to ten, twenty or even thirty years under the absolute worst conditions imaginable topside. The deep secure aquifer is due to be hooked in before the end of the year.”

Now we know who really needed to design Fallout 3. Tim Cain, eat your D&D-loving heart out. TROIKA, CALL CLEVE NOW!


Hmm, Cleve is still going. I like how he’s releasing 3 games instead of just one.

Check out that marketing – “Golden Age Retro Gaming.” If he had released in 1997, Grimoire would have been roughly tech equivalent to Wizardry 6 or 7. Not cutting edge, but ballpark with games of the day. But with his slow-cooking programming technique, Cleve’s made it retro! Nice.

I’m still trying to figure out why he posted all those screen shots of his magazine type-in C64 games with character-set graphics.

Dude, he’s establishing his street cred… :wink:

While you’re checking out Cleve’s site, make sure to register for his forum. :wink: