Duke Nukem Forever interactivity suggestions

I originally came across this thread by “Ferretball” on the SomethingAwful.com forums, which obviously not everyone has access to, but thought it humorous enough to steal from and post here.

Ferretball linked to the 3DRealms forum thread in which George Broussard asked for more suggestions for DNF:

What kinds of things do you see Duke interacting with? It could be electronic, mechanical, or any type of item, really.

The best things are items that can affect gameplay in some way. But some things are just flat out for fun and amusement.

Some examples to give you an idea what’s possible:

Microwave (fun/barely gameplay): Open it, turn it on. Put food in. Cook it for more health. Put a rat in it and nuke it.

Wall valve (simple/gameplay): grab it and turn it left or right to alter steam, or open a hatch, or whatever.

NOTE: The above are just examples. No comments one way another as to if those are in the game or not.

What kinds of things do you hope to see, both in terms of “fun”, and also for “gameplay”. In practical terms, there is basically no limit to what you can suggest, but everything has to be balanced with how long it takes to implement vs how useful it is in game.

The usual mix of good, bad and downright comical suggestions ensued, though I’d like to point out the choice quotes which Ferretball describes as “DNF fans are expecting it to be the next Matrix simulation”:
[li] “Interactivity with physics. Meaning if you bump a table and a glass falls off of it, you can catch it if your fast enough and put it back, or if someone pushes something at you, you can put your hand out to stop it.”
[li] “I want to be able to check Duke’s Email and it would be very nice if Duke could surf the real web from inside the game.”
[li] “Go to a theatre to watch a movie and tell people to shut up.”
[li] “have a choice of liquor and mix up some mean drinks. i suggested this in another thread. something like mixing absolute vodka with some crown royal over ice with a slice of lemon. if some pig cops want to have a drink, mix them up some bacardi 151 , mad dog 20/20 and put some tabasco sauce in and shake well. then serve it to them. they’ll slam it down, look at each other then faint.”
[li] “pick up a mirror and deflect sunlight into enemies eyes and temporarily blind them to pick them off. this is where you could improve on the “lens flare”-make the lens flare interactive”
[li] “Look in the mirror and beable to do some self grooming”
[li] “Being able to open Dukes wallet and looking at his drivers licence and various other cards”
[li] “Interactive tvs, multiple “real” channels, perhaps even “interesting” channels.”
[li] “Interact with strippers. Some examples: Pay a stripper to distract 2 badguys away from a security door. Save a stripper from an assult and let her help you by givin her a weapon. They could also be used to open/lock doors for you.”
[li] “Interactive interactivity! By this I mean double interactivity for objects, an example: You have a pinball machine, and you can play it, but you can also smash the glass and put a coke can in the center (where your ball isn’t supposed to go) and thus cheating with the game.”
[li] “Real-life water effects! I’m not talking about sweet graphics, but about the way water BEHAVES. It would be neat to open up a sink in a random place and have water realistically pour in and flood where the holes are big enough (and squirt if there’s enough pressure)”
[li] “can we expect the ability to rip off peoples heads and throw them at light switches to turn them on???”
[li] “go to a fully interactive grocery store and play around with all the different products. you can even push around a shopping car to fill it up”
[li] “every once in a while Duke will have to go to the bathroom. If you wait too long then you start to loose health, until you soil yourself. If that happens then you get a major speed slowdown, cause no one wants to move a lot in that mess. In order to get back your speed, you need to find a shower/bath and either washer/dryer or new clothes. Also, when Duke relieves himself, he can do it anywere, but if it’s in a toilet then you get a health boost, rather then no boost at all”
[li] “if you find a shower, Duke can actually have a shower. Of course, he would either wear a bathing suit or have censoring. Also, the shower gives a substantial health boost, and boosting ablities for a short time after. Although, Duke can’t shower if there are enimies in the area, cause then he might get into a firefight in the nude, which would be unacceptable. Related to this, maybe at one point Duke is attacked in the shower, and has to do an entire level nude, where the objective is to get some clothes. Another thing you could do, is allow him to get attacked nude, then he has to defeat the enemy, and get dressed or find new clothes if the old ones get ruined. Of course, when he’s naked there will be an armour penalty, dexterity boost, and Duke can’t go in certain areas, cause he’s nude and doesn’t want to be embarrased”
[li] “the electical systems in levels/buildings should acutally be laid out, so at times you can cut wires/flip breakers to disrupt power supply. You should also be able to hook together two wires, so you can recofigure the electrical system somewhat. Other things are extension cords, jumper cables, etc. You can use them to hook electrical devices up. Of course, there can also be portable and non-portible generators, and of course electrical outlet adaptors in case you’re in a forign country”
[li] “I would like some kind of Super-Gore powerup, or Super-Gore weapon. Basically in either case, when you kill a guy with the weapon he explodes with about 10 times as much gore as his body mass. The explosion is so powerful that it causes secondary damage to surrounding enemies, and there’s a chance that the surrounding dude can get impaled on a piece of bone causing extra damage and a cool visual effect of bones sticking out. Or perhaps the bone fragments could form a sorta flak bomb like in UT.”
[li] “Oooo, wouldn’t this be fun, realistic water, turn on a sink, let it run and overflow then the room fills up. Not just a scripted sequence of simply raising the water level but water with realistic physics, that would be awsome”
[li] “how about when duke walks into a bathroom, he can turn on the shower and take one? when the steam heats up the bathroom, it fogs up the mirror and duke can write with his fingers on it.”
[li] “monkeys-there must be gorillas or monkeys in dnf. they’re just cool”
[*] “I want duke to find a huge hammer drill, that he can test and try, I want him to give it a female name, and even use as a tool in the game, to take unconventional paths, perhaps he can find a map, where you can see where to drill, to make a short cut, or perhaps where you can drill for a secret!”[/ul]

See also this thread entitled “Broussard Kubrick of Game Industry?”

People really have no idea what’s going on under the hood, do they?

Not in the least.

An acquaintance once swore to me that Wing Commander ships had individual AI simulating the motions of a pilot inside enemy cockpits and turrets, and that’s how the aircraft responded - ie, an AI Kilrathi or human controlled a stick, rudder and throttle, and thus the aircraft flew.

Why would he be soliciting these kinds of ideas in May 2004? Are they still so early in development that they are still figuring out what “neat stuff” to put in? Yikes.

My own suggestions:

• let Duke find a PC in the game that lets him play all the other shooters that have been released since 1996

• Max Payne wind-up doll. Max can walk, quip and shoot guns akimbo.

• fully operational hang gliders. Hey, Midwinter had them back in 1989, so DNF can damn well have them, too!

• a book of DNF jokes that you can leaf through or throw at villains for minor damage

Thank you for reminding me of Midwinter! One of my favourite games.

What do you mean? Everything in that list is quite do-able, given enough time to program it in. And I think we can all agree the 3DR programmers have had ample time to do all sorts of crazy stuff.

“can we expect the ability to rip off peoples heads and throw them at light switches to turn them on???”

Only a gamer would think this way. :-)

Second order fantasy at work. Impossilbe ideas for a game that’s never going to come out.

Why are people so hung up on showering?

Who wouldn’t want to see a misogynist muscleman take a shower? And, perhaps, control the soaping?

What do you mean? Everything in that list is quite do-able, given enough time to program it in. And I think we can all agree the 3DR programmers have had ample time to do all sorts of crazy stuff.[/quote]

Every item on that feature list would probably take a month to implement, at the very least, for no sales benefit whatsoever. They’d might as well wish 3drealms buy them a pony.

Ideally the pony would be in the game itself and you’d be able to ride it, gaining both speed and strength in your attacks. Come on, it’s doable!

I don’t have anything else to add - so I’ll just quote this stuff and say what I like and don’t like in bold