Duke Nukem Forever: the Second Decade

There’s a thread on the GAF about it, so I figured that we might as well have one here. It was ten years ago today that 3D Realms announced Duke Nukem Forever. How the time flies! It won’t be too long before Duke Nukem Forever is old enough to get its driver’s license. Will we see another screenshot before then?

Can’t go without a link to the list of all the things that have happened since DNF started development.


That means I was twelve years old when that game was announced, in grade 7. I am now 22 and am going into my 5th year of undergraduate school. That’s crazy. I remember reading about it in gaming mags at the time, one magazine in particular previewed it alongside Daikatana. I guess this is what happens when you decide to release a game “when it’s done.”

Who still works on this game and why? What possible motivation could a person have to still work on this game?

That picture was unnecessary and hurtful! I already hate every single day I spend in school!

Yeah, I remember playing Duke Nukem 3D on our network in the dorms in college. 10 years since that, huh?


Put that in your online dating profiles, IMO

My favorite bit from that list is the one about the Beatles producing their entire creative output in less time than DNF has been in development.

Honestly, it’s almost more sad than funny at this point. I can’t imagine the kind of albatross it must be for the people who are actually working on it.

He can’t laugh! How long has Nelson been in the 4th grade?

Assuming of course that there are people working on it.

Oh, believe me, they’re still working on it…I know some people who went to work on that project.


When I read the thread title, I momentarily thought that they were releasing a blank CD at retail.

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If you had stopped smoking pot and drinking beer and did your work, taken 5 classes at a time and/or summer quarters, it would have been done in 3 years instead of 5. Priorities, man.

My major was a 5-year major by design (Architecture).

Probably as part of their community service sentence.

I took summer school two years in a row and my 2 year grad school plan still managed to stretch out to three. Oops! My fault for working two jobs and not spending enough time on my school work, I guess. Also WoW.

And they were never heard from again…


Yes, more or less that’s true. School goes faster when you take 5 classes instead of 1 class. It’s strange that way.

Last night I broke out my boxed copy of Homeworld. Homeworld came out in 1999 and holds up amazingly (with a little help from the videocard AA and AF settings) for a game that is 8 years old. Anyways, I digress…

Inside the HW manual was a PC Gamer subscription card that I must have been using as a bookmark. The PC Gamer cover on the card was for DNF and said something like “You think you are ready?”. I got a chuckle over that.