Duke Nukem officially dead? 3drealms closed down?

I just “heard this on a forum” so I know how that goes, but I thought this would be the place to actually see if it’s true. According to the anonymous internet source, 3d Realms closed down this afternoon.

True or false?



None was forthcoming, so I thought I’d check with you guys. Might be something, might be nothing… I was hoping to find that out here.


Good troll. 7/10.

That would be some pretty significant news. That would depress me, I’ve been a fan of 3D realms since their days as Apogee. I hope it’s just a big huge fat lie of a rumor.

Besides, ten years ago or so I heard Megadeth recorded the theme song for the game, and I’ve been curious to know if they’d still use it.

More 3D realms viral marketing.

You heard it on a forum and yet no source was forthcoming? So it was an imaginary forum? :)


GamingInsider doesn’t have any news about it, so I’m calling shenanigans.

  • Alan

I’m pretty sure they’re still making enough on licensing to keep going (plus early payments from Activision for Forever, selling Max Payne, ect). Although not making a real game in like 12 years does tend to hurt a company…

Article at Shack News. Not saying that makes it true, but there you go.

Again, please take this for what it’s worth what with this being the internet and all.

“3d Realms went to Take 2 asking for about 5 million more to finish Duke Nukem, which Take 2 declined, instead offering to sell the franchise back to 3d Realms for around 30 million. 3d Realms shut it’s doors instead.”

From someone who has a relative working in the company. When you think about it you guys are getting this from me, who heard it from a guy on the internet who heard it from a relative who supposedly works at the company in question. Yes, it’s that kind of thing.

Again, not coming here proclaiming any “breaking news”… just to see if anyone here has heard anything related.

I’ve been hearing the same thing…

this thread just got linked in the official 3d realms forums:


Uh-oh. I hope this isn’t true.

I guess the publisher was all out of bubble gum.

So they ripped off 3D Realms head and shit down its throat?

someone just posted this in the 3d realms forums:

It’s definitely true. 100% confirmed from current 3DR employees.

I’ve been taunting my wife with this game for ten years now. Promising her the chance to watch me shoot 3d half naked strippers.

Wow. I’m sad. I was really looking forward to seeing the final game some day…

I wonder what it must be like to work on a game so long, just to see it - haha… - nuked. Despite the natural fluctuation within the company, I guess there must have been a few people other than Broussard that have been on it for ages.