Duke Nukem officially dead? 3drealms closed down?

It’s time to kick ass and fund my company. And I’m all out of funds.

see tom. you open the floodgates yet again and this is what happens.

If this is true I’m sad I will probably never get to play DNF. On the other hand, I am hopeful that we’ll start getting some good stories on the development hell that was Duke Nukem Forever from the people that were there.

big-time sad face.

Yes, one of the dev guys needs to team with a ghost writer and put these tales down on paper. I’d read it.

Other than Broussard himself, has any one guy been involved with it for the whole 13 years?

Edit: Even DN creator Todd Replogle ditched after a while.

One of the producers is an irregular QTer who posted here recently. What a mismanagement clusterfuck of epic proportions.

Scott Miller.

Less talk, more Duke Nukem-related quips.

Whatever. I’m so tired of hearing about this game. After ten years of waiting it would’ve been a giant let down anyway. I hope it’s dead and it stays dead.

All the good ones got used, unfortunately.

Robert Ashley needs to interview some of these folks for ALWW if this is true.

Seriously, this book needs to be written.

That one and the Vanguard book.

Yes, Lost in La Mancha (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0308514/) Duke Nuken edition, I´d watch or read that.

His last post was a week and a half ago. I figured that if he couldn’t get it finished, then it never would be.

But when I said that, this is not what I meant.

Only if it has time-lapse photos of George Broussard’s mullet. That thing was majestic.

someone will continue the work. The monument of limitations must be running out very soon anyway.

Matthew Gallant can share with you some fantastic George Broussard pictures if you ask nicely.