Dumb lazy IE question

Hi! First time caller, long time listener. You guys are great… Here’s my question:

When I do something like search on Amazon or something like that, IE doesn’t remember the results if I click a link and then click the back button. I have to restart the search. This is annoying me to death. Is this a security feature? My laptop doesn’t do this. So, how to fix?

I’ll hang up the phone now and listen to your answer.

Turn off reload on every page.

Tools - Internet Options - Temporary Files - Settings - Automatically or any other setting than every time.


No idea really, but if it’s indeed a security issue you could try adding Amazon.com to your “Trusted Sites”. That’s Tools -> Internet Options -> Security, then select Trusted Sites, then click Sites, then add the site.

Of course if you were using NetCaptor you’d have a dedicated menu entry to add the current site to the Trusted Sites collection. :wink:

It’s already set at “Automatically” though.
It only does this with Amazon, GameRankings, and Writer’s Market. Google remembers what I was searching for. The weird thing is that I don’t remember setting anything and my laptop, running the same software updates, doesn’t do this.

I wonder if those sites have some sort of auto-refresh type feature. I don’t mean literally, but something that accomplishes the same thing. many sites intentionally deny your browser the opportunity to “remember” things by forcing a reload of search pages, etc. That may be why such pages always have those “session expired” type errors.

Of course, I am just guessing now, based on the fact that you said only certain pages do this.

Use Mozilla.

It will then tell you that it has to repost the information, and will actually do it if you click yes.

No more nasty pop-ups too.

Mozilla Firebird is the best, man. First, it doesn’t have any IE security holes. You can block popups automatically. You can right-click on an ad on the fly and have it block future ads from that server. Let go the shackles of Billware!

You can just hit refresh on the page that fails to load. You don’t have to actually re-type the search text.