Dumb NFT bullshit: Andy Warhol stuff sold by Christie’s

He worked on digital stuff on Amiga in 320x200 pixels. This scaled version is fraudulent.

Incoming debate on digital vs physical collecting.

It’s your name next to a link pointing to non-exclusive resized copy. What a scam.

Seems like this would be the appropriate place to put Christie’s NFT T&Cs:


Day one purchase for me.

This nft stuff is so stupid.

It’s only stupid for the buyers. For the sellers it’s a stroke of genius!

Amazing. I hope it sticks.

It was always a pump and dump.

I unfollowed so many artists on twitter because my feed filled up with NFT bullshit. Will be happy to see it die.

Yeah, same. It was really dispiriting to see so many breathlessly embracing it.

To be fair, some were undoubtedly doing it because there was a trend of jerks plopping NFTs onto other people’s artwork and selling them.

I think they some artists basically saw it as a no downside way to make a tiny bit of money on their work. Like purely digital artists who aren’t actually going to make prints and sell them, and don’t really have a way to monetize their work at all. So, like, why not NFT it?

This makes me so angry. That much money could go towards so much good.

If it helps, the money spent was never ever going to a good cause.

For shame, you say - a second luxury yacht not being a good cause?!? /s

This NFT sold for $5,434,500.00 USD


The code is wrong.

Hold on…the www source that Sotheby is auctioning? The angle brackets are wrong! They’ve been - yes - HTML encoded from “< >” to “&lt &gt”. Lol.

Today I learned about this:

I don’t mention stuff like this lightly, but I consider the folks on Qt3 to be like family, or at least like family pets, and so I am going to let you fine people know about a considerable upcoming business opportunity. I have a connection, who has in his possession a series of haphazardly architected and occasionally compiling pages of C# code. Now normally on the open market you would expect the NFT for code like this to sell for $10 million to $20 million. However, since we are so close, I am willing to let you get in on the ground floor of this opportunity and purchase the NFT for this code for a mere $10,000 (starting bid).

Please no key-scrapers or people on Qt3 just for the financial opportunities. I know what I have here and I won’t be bargained down.