Dumb NFT bullshit: Andy Warhol stuff sold by Christie’s


It’s called Content Credentials, and NFT sellers will be able to link the Adobe ID with their crypto wallet, allowing compatible NFT marketplaces to show a sort of verified certificate proving the art’s source is authentic.

From the article:

In other words, I could right-click on an existing image of an NFT and mint it again myself, potentially fooling unaware buyers. While Adobe’s system won’t prevent art theft, it does offer a way to prove that the NFT you’re selling isn’t stolen — past that, it’s up to buyers to decide how much value they place on that.

I don’t know how these idiots manage to feed and clothe themselves without just falling over and randomly flailing QWOP style.

This is absolutely the perfect take on NFT/crypto bullshit. Well said!

Tungsten starts with T. Tulip also starts with T. Coincidence? I think not. These crypto folks know what’s what. The Tungsten boom is coming, buy now and you’ll have your second lambo in no time.

Molyneux was ahead of his time.

From Matt Levine’s newsletter earlier this week:

Truly we live in the worst timeline.

Memeology. Bloody hell.

Man, I wish I had no scruples.

Something, something, fools and their money.

What is the tax on that, I wonder, even if he round-tripped the money.

I could mint some as NFTs and sell them to you if you are interested.

I love Luke’s take on NFTs:

I think the real problem here might be the fact that allowing these games on platform may be a licensing risk for Valve. NFT-trading, speculation or other kinds of financial activities particularly between players may create financial services licensing issues for the Steam platform. I don’t think Valve has the capability to review these products for potential activities subject to regulation especially since Steam is so broadly available, nor does Valve seek to build that capability.

Not to mention gambling licensing issues.

I don’t… understand how you evaluate the value of simplified monkey-fied fan-art of Gorillaz.

Oh hey, that NFT that “sold” (to its owner) for half a billion dollars was sold earlier in its life to a wallet that may be associated with laundering money from unregulated offshore casinos. (Bit about the NFT starts around 25:00.)

This… so much this, and it is seriously hilarious that a lot of “investors” who get involved don’t realize this. The NFT is a receipt of a transaction, proof of purchase.

IN a more very real way, an NFT is a great way to harm the environment, AND own a receipt to an infinitely copy-able piece of digital art.