Dumb Question about Dropbox Selective Sync

So, I have a feeling the answer to this question is No, but here goes.

I have Dropbox installed on multiple PCs. Even with selective sync, if I create a new folder in Dropbox it syncs to all PCs. I forget about this and then wonder why I run out of space, or it’s content I just want in the cloud on not any device.

Is there a setting to go “No, really, Just sync the folders I tell you to, and not add all the other fucking folders I create?”

Doesn’t appear that Dropbox offers that much needed feature. Currently you just have to monkey around with your folder hierarchy to get around the problem (one trick that might be useful is to have one big parent folder that never syncs where you add your newer folders), but this is obviously less than ideal for many of us.

Here’s the thread where users have been complaining about it for the past couple of years. No solutions there that I can see.

Thanks. I might have to go that sync route and just have a “don’t sync” folder that stays on my Mac and I can get to it on my iPad.

Depending on your use case you might want to consider just going full web for certain machines. Thats selective by default but obviously you have to download each file one at a time.

For iPad is you are using it for documents then I use GoodReader. It can link up with your dropbox so you can download on demand and thn it is stored on your iPad locally.

But I agree with you, its a hassle. No dropbox I do not want to copy over my entire wargames/RPG PDF collections each time I install you.

It looks like OneDrive can do this, but I don’t really want to go full OneDrive. I don’t need Office365 and the I hate the web interface.

That said, it does do this.

Interesting. It would take a lot to budge me off DropBox. I have used them for years and usability issues like this aside they have charged me a fair price for an excellent service.

Yeah, I think I am just going to do the root folder thing. Create a “Personal” folder and just stuff the things I don’t want to sync in that and create sub folders from there.

Unfortunately the awesome ‘smart sync’ feature is only available if you upgrade to the pro version. No need for selective sync there, files live in the cloud but still show locally in explorer without taking up hd space.

Yeah, my wife and I addressed this by having separate Dropbox accounts, and then I share the folders she needs access to on her laptop. I still need to maintain everything on my main PC so can’t obviously hold stuff only in the cloud, but to date that’s not been a requirement (we’re still chugging along with 5 Gb). Every so often I consider going Pro because I use Dropbox constantly. But then someone tells me that there are cheaper or better featured alternatives out there, I go and have a look at them, then I decide a 5 Gb Dropbox is fine and the cycle begins anew.