Dumb question: Amazon Cloud Player on iOS

So this lets me browse and play (most of) my Amazon mp3 purchases and auto-rip eligible albums. Cool. And it lets me download them within the app to play without constantly streaming. Cool.

I can’t for the life of me figure out what to swipe or tap to delete them though. Am I missing some button or control, or is there really no way to do this? There’s stuff I bought, played initially through the cloud player app, but have since added to my actual iTunes library, and it seems dumb to have it taking up space in two different places on my phone.

I’ve only got a couple albums in this situation, so it’s no big deal to just delete the app itself and reinstall it if it comes to that, but it’s driving me a little nutty that what seems like an obvious feature is either missing or well hidden (or I’m an idiot). Anyone have any ideas?

I had to go look it up, and here is what I found. I had honestly never thought of managing those items, at least not yet, but your question piqued my curiosity.

Items that I just pressed play on, seem to be treated as cached. They are marked as on the device, which is cool, but it doesn’t seem to let me directly manage those files.

Items that I have explicitly downloaded (using the download command, not the play command) are available for me to delete in the swipe menu.

My guess is those files you are referring to are being managed by the cache. In the settings menu, you can clear the cache if you want or change the default size (default is 500mb).

Ah-ha. I was referring to the ones I’d explicitly downloaded, but was trying to delete them from the wrong place. I was looking in the “Cloud” list instead of the “Device” list. On one hand, it makes sense that deleting wouldn’t happen from the “Cloud” view because they’re obviously still staying in the cloud, but I got thrown off because I thought the “Device” view was only showing me my existing iTunes library through the Amazon app. I didn’t realize it was showing me my iTunes library plus the Amazon songs I’d downloaded in that same list until your post made me investigate a little further. Sure enough, the stuff I’m trying to clean up is listed twice in the device list, with no obvious distinction until I swipe a song, at which point I can delete it if it’s the copy downloaded within the Cloud app, or just add it to a playlist if it’s the copy in my main iTunes library.

It sort of makes sense now that I know how it works, but that was completely different from what I expected. Thanks.

I didn’t realize the cloud player could access the iTunes songs that have been downloaded too. That is interesting (and I was wondering how a few of those albums got onto my Amazon cloud player). But, that’s cool that they keep it in sync.