Dumb Question on Connecting a Joystick

OK, so I’ve decided I want to hook up a joystick to handle the air vehicles in Vice City so I dug out my ancient Sidewinder and SWGamepad. Unfortunately my current machine doesn’t seem to have a joystick port.

I checked the slot where my soundcard is: no joystick port. Instead it has what looks like a firewire slot.

I do see that I have several open USB ports on my main board.

Whats the best way to hook things up? Do I need to buy an adapter for a USB port (will that work?). Do I need to buy a soundcard that has a joystick port (bleh!). Is there some way to use the firewire slot?

My system: P4 2.66 with 512M RAM, (MSI 648 Max motherboard) with a Soundblaster 5.1 soundcard. The only input devices currently in use are a wireless optical mouse on a USB port, and a standard keyboard. I have a DSL modem on a network card (no router as yet but I might buy one if I go to the PC hardware store today). I also have a basic 2 speaker with amp and subwoofer setup connected to the soundcard.

All help appreciated.

Oh and if Wumpus the thread patrolman is reading, I DID download the Vice City FAQs at Gamefaqs (which helped answer my earlier questions). I also tried doing some research on hooking up a joystick but was unable to find an answer to my situation.


I had an Audigy sound card with a firewire port and it came with an add on gameport. The add on plugged into the audigy and then you put it in the slot next to the card. I don’t know much about the sound card you have, but maybe there is a chance this type part is available and you can order it somewhere.

If you wanted to get something today, I would probably just purchase a USB stick.

Did you check the I/O back panel (where your keyboard/mouse connectors are)? Some motherboards actually have a gameport there. Most of those that do will allow you to activate the gameport without having to enable the motherboard audio. Check your BIOS setup.

So I cannot convert my joystick to USB? I would have to buy a new one? I suppose they are cheap these days.

I guess I will go to the store and check it out.

Case – I did check the I/O slots on motherboard and there is no gameport - it has multiple mouse/keyboard/USB/ and ethernet ports, plus a couple of ports that look similar to a gameport but are different sized (less pins). But no true gameport :(.

Oh well, sounds like I just have to pay Fry’s some money.



Did you keep all the junk that came with your sound card? Some of the cards that don’t have a port right on-board have a little port adapter that fits in an empty slot and connects via a cable to provide the joystick port.

Go grab one of those USB logitech wingman rumblepads. It has the dual sticks like a console controler plus it even has a throttle if you want to use it in something like BF1942.

– Xaroc

Eh, I just went and bought a Sidewinder USB - works fine and I was finally able to finish that mission where you plant the bombs with the little tiny helicopter - that was actually fun once I had a decent controller.

Now I’m trying to pass the mission where I bust the safecracker outta jail - no joystick but pure action.

Next I will test my new joystick on the porno airplane mission.

Thanks for the help guys.


PS I did go buy a DLink router which installed effortlessly and is running now. I can’t really tell any difference in security but it FEELS safer :).


Heh. That feeling is the difference.